Connecting, Research and Teaching Within Our OB Community in the Time of COVID-19

Our OB Division Executive Committee members are thinking about you and your loved ones as we navigate the COVID-19 crises. We hope you are managing and want to reaffirm that taking care of yourselves, and those around you, is the highest priority.

We have developed some ways to help support you in addressing research, teaching and collective sense-making concerns that you might have during this time,  as well as to facilitate your ability to reach out and help each other. Consider participating in the following initiatives: 

  1. Watch the COVID-19 research webinar or read more about it here:“Leadership in Times of Crises;”
  2. Contribute to, and take advantage of, our OB Online Content Library and Discussion threads about on-line teaching and research;
  3. Watch the COVID-19 doctoral student webinar or read more about it here: “Successfully Navigating COVID-19 as a Doctoral Student: Q&A with the OB Division Executive Team.” 
  4. Join us for the COVID-19 & Organizational Behavior plenary.
  5. View the Plenary Gallery, including papers and videos from the plenary.

The specific details of each of these initiatives are described in the links above, including sign-up links.  We look forward to coming together as a community. Stay safe and well.

Sigal G. Barsade, OB Division Chair, on behalf of the OB Division Executive Committee

Library and Discussion Threads about Teaching and Research during the COVID-19 Crisis

The OB Division has created a place for members to share and access content and resources to help adapt to online teaching and research during the COVID-19 crisis. To access content and resources--and to share yours with others--visit either the division's library or engage in a conversation in the discussion thread. You can also directly add a discussion thread item using the form on this page.

COVID-19: Please Log-in to Participate

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