from the Making Connections Committee
  1. How does the Making Connection Committee work in the OB Division?
    • The Making Connections Committee (MCC) is a subcommittee of the OB Division. The primary goal is to help develop and nurture relationships among OB Division members. We do this by fostering relationships among new members of the OB division, and facilitating high-quality connections related to research, teaching and career progression.
  2. What can the Making Connections Committee do for me?
    • The Making Connections Committee can help you meet other members in the OB Division, both new and 'seasoned.' We aim to help OB members form and develop relationships with people based on common research and teaching interests, as well as with people at different career stages. Our hope is that these efforts make being a member of the OB Division less daunting and more fun and rewarding. To facilitate these relationships and connections, the MCC sponsors events such as the OB Research Incubator and other Professional Development Workshops at the Academy of Management annual conference, all with the aim of helping you identify those members who have similar research interests and meet potential future collaborators.
  3. How could I build future research collaboration at AOM, particularly through the Making Connection Committee?
    • We help OB Division members form relationships that will be useful for their research. For example,  we organized the OB Research Incubator PDW primarily aimed at assisting doctoral students, junior faculty, and international students with working manuscripts. We also sponsored "The Productivity Process" PDW, an interactive session aimed at providing publishing advice to doctoral students and junior faculty.
  4. What is the OB New Member Networking and Research Forum?
    • This is an event sponsored by the OB Division's Making Connections Committee. It is aimed at members who have joined in the last three years, and is an opportunity for you to meet other members and to talk informally about your shared research interests.
  5. How can I recognize the Making Connections Committee members?
    • You can easily recognize us by looking for people who wear a bright OB blue sticker at the AOM annual meeting.
  6. Where can I find the Making Connections Committee members?
    • You can find a name list of MCC members online here.
    • Members of the committee will be at all OB-sponsored events. Don't forget, we will be wearing blue stickers!
  7. How can I contact the Making Connections Committee members?
    • You can email any of our MCC members/officers by using their contact information here.
  8. How can I become a member of the Making Connection Committee?
    • That's easy! You can become an MCC member by either emailing one of our committee chairs, or simply showing up at an OB-sponsored event to tell us about your enthusiasm to become part of the MCC.