OB Doctoral Consortium at Academy of Management

The annual Organizational Behavior Doctoral Consortium is designed for late-stage doctoral students who have successfully completed their coursework, fulfilled most of their program’s milestones, and are preparing to be on the academic job market. The consortium includes a mix of presentations, discussions, and interactive sessions designed to help doctoral students navigate the job market, build connections with their cohort as well as invited experts, and launch them into their academic careers. The in-person program includes faculty presentations and roundtable sessions on topics such as crafting the right academic job, acing the job talk, succeeding in research and publishing from the perspective of a panel of editors, and starting or participating in effective and inclusive collaborations. We will host a networking reception after the program sessions. More than 50 faculty members have volunteered to speak and/or host roundtable discussions. Students who want to attend must be nominated by their programs and endorsed by their advisors. Selection decisions will be based on students’ stage in their programs (e.g., progress on their dissertation, on the academic job market). This session is part of broader OB Division doctoral programming designed to provide attendees with support and advice related to navigating key career transitions, as well as strengthening connections among members within their cohort and other peers in the field. For other OB doctoral student resources, digital content, and off-cycle events, please visit our site here.

Application Criteria

We are seeking nominations for the AOM OB Doctoral Student Consortium. 

Selection Criteria Guiding Admissions Decisions. Admission priority will be given to students who: 

- Will be actively on the academic job market during the upcoming academic year,

- Have successfully completed all coursework (or equivalent) required by their doctoral program,

- Have successfully completed their program's required milestones such that they have reached the dissertation stage (e.g., passed qualifying/prelim/comprehensive exams, fulfilled paper or teaching requirements),

- Have demonstrated tangible progress toward their dissertation (e.g., collected data, defended their proposal, or have an estimated/scheduled date that is prior to the annual meeting), and

- Have the endorsement of their advisor(s) and/or the Ph.D. program leadership in their department.

Nomination Requirements. Nominations should be submitted by the students’ advisors or their Ph.D. program leadership, via the survey link. Only nominations submitted via this survey will be considered. There is no formal restriction on the number of students a program may submit. To promote inclusion and avoid unnecessary comparisons, we will accept multiple nominations from the same program. However, we request that programs only nominate students that meet the selection criteria (e.g., only nominate students who are in the final year of their doctoral program, as opposed to early-stage students who would be better served in a future year). In the case of space limitations, admission decisions will be made based on demonstrated progress toward the applicants’ dissertation and their research record.

The nomination survey will ask nominators to provide the following:

  1. The nominee’s one-page vita/bio in PDF format (longer documents may be rejected). Please name the file with the nominee's last name followed by ShortCV (e.g., BanduraShortCV.pdf). 

  2. The nominee’s one-page summary of dissertation/thesis research in PDF format (inclusion of title and abstract is fine; longer summaries may be rejected). Please name the file with the nominee's last name followed by Research (e.g., BanduraResearch.pdf). 

  3. Responses to questions related to admission criteria.

  4. Confirmation of advisor/program endorsement. 

Please note that students may only attend the OBDC once during their Ph.D. studies. For questions, please contact Elizabeth M. Campbell at campbele@umn.edu and/or Margaret Luciano at mzl6016@psu.edu

Consortium Tips

  1. There will be at least 3 roundtable sessions where you will have a chance to discuss presentation topics with a professor and several fellow students.
  2. Although the job market can be stressful, try to relax, have fun, and get to know your colleagues.

We look forward to welcoming you to the OB Doctoral Consortium at AOM!


Beth Campbell & Margaret Luciano, Co-Chairs