Mentorship Award

This award recognizes a scholar who has excelled at mentoring others in achieving their career objectives through moral, social, and intellectual support. We define each of these criteria in more detail below:

  • Intellectual support: Helps the mentee develop ideas constructively (e.g., by brainstorming, offering a sounding board, suggesting a diverse perspective, providing written feedback) – investing one’s (scarce) intellectual capital in the service of mentees.
  • Social support: Helps the mentee develop a professional network that will allow him/her to be successful (e.g., introducing them to others, writing reference letters, suggesting them as co-authors/reviewers/editors) – investing one’s (scarce) social capital in the service of mentees.
  • Moral support: Genuinely cares about the well-being and development of the mentee (e.g., encouragement through difficult times, helps maintain self-efficacy, provides a perspective or specific career/work strategies) – investing one’s (scarce) mental energy in the service of mentees.
  • This year, the award committee consisted of:

          Randall S. Peterson (London Business School)

          John Hollenbeck (Michigan State University)

          John Matthieu (University of Connecticut)

         Maurice Schweitzer (University of Pennsylvania)

The winner of 2022: Cristina Gibson

has been an extraordinary source of Intellectual support for a large and ever-growing number of junior scholars. To date, she has advised 29 doctoral students, 65 junior faculty, and 12 students at other levels. She has actively involved these colleagues in her research, co-authoring 32 publications with students and 27 with junior faculty. As one of her letter writers explains, “Cristina always seizes opportunities to develop people around her in a safe and collaborative manner.”

The epitome of collegiality, she is consistently willing to employ her vast professional network to help and connect others. As one of her letter writers describes, “I personally have experienced her networking graciousness when I was on the job market. Cristina took me around to every reception and presentation she attended at AOM, strategically introducing me to contacts of hers who were hiring, and vocally championing my research.”

Cristina provides exceptional moral support to those whom she mentored. She encourages others to live well and lead full lives, with a keen eye towards productivity and persistence through challenge. She delicately walks the balance of having high expectations for herself and others, yet also recognizing the bigger picture and supporting colleagues who need help.

Cristina is described as the “quintessential role model” they strive to emulate in their own interactions with students and junior scholars.

Past award winners: