• Online Content/Teaching and Research Library

    As a result of the COVID-19 crises, many faculty have had to switch suddenly to online teaching and research, and there is a need for online friendly content and tips for how to go online and manage online classes and research in the best way. We are helping in this effort by creating an ONLINE CONTENT AND TEACHING/RESEARCH BEST PRACTICE LIBRARY for our members. We ask that you help your colleagues by contributing to this library with your suggestions -  including videos, cases, exercise,  as well as a repository of best practices for teaching and research online.   Please go here to post content: . And, of course, please use this link to access other people’s content.

    We are also encouraging discussion threads for more interactive questions and conversations about teaching and research during this time: Please help your colleagues and contribute to this library and discussion. 

     A quick way to see what has been posted is to go to our COVID-19 tab in the OB Division: