Making Connections Award

This award recognizes the symposium submitted to the Academy of Management meeting that best creates bridges across boundaries between individuals or groups (e.g., between practitioners and academics, international and domestic scholars, academic disciplines, junior and senior scholars). Past award winners:
  • 2011 Christopher Myers and Scott DeRue (both University of Michigan) for "New directions in global leadership development"
  • 2010 Matthew Davis (University of Leeds) for "Space that works: New directions and opportunities for research into physical space"
  • 2009 Suzanne Chan-Serafin (University of New South Wales) and Ann Tenbrunsel (University of Notre Dame) for “New directions in ethics research: Disentangling the dynamic processes in ethical decision-making.”
  • 2008 Jerker Denrell (Stanford University)
  • 2007 Aparna Joshi, Nancy DiTomaso, Robin Ely, Prithviraj Chattophadhyay, Luis Martins, and Guenter Stahl