2020-21 Racial Inequality and Systemic Racism

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#BlackLivesMatter in the Workplace: Practical Approaches to Addressing Racial Inequality at Work

April 27, 2021
9-10:30am pacific

This session will include a conversation with a panel of four senior-level practitioners from a variety of industries, each of whom has a unique perspective on racial inequality in the workplace. They will share their own personal journey that led them to this perspective, as well as how their organization is currently addressing racism. The conversation will include topics such as resources provided, day-to-day practices, avoiding tokenism, mentoring, and ensuring an inclusive environment. Panelists have agreed to reserve substantial time for an open discussion in which they address top of mind questions from the audience. Of particular interest is understanding the issues that are ripe for future research and curriculum in Business Schools. Hear directly from those with experience in a variety of workplaces the most pressing challenges confronting workers today.

Organized by Cristina Gibson, Daan van Knippenberg, Darren KB, and Howie Xu as part of the OB Executive Division Racial Inequality Committee


  • Introduction: 5 min. from the chair
  • Opening statements: 20 min. (5 minutes from each of 4 panelists)
  • Panel Discussion: 30 min. (5 pre-arranged questions asked by the chair)
  • Moderated Q&A: 30 min. (questions from audience using chat function)
  • Close: 5 min. from the chair

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Chair: Professor Cristina Gibson

Dean’s Distinguished Professor of Management, Pepperdine Graziadio Business School

Sharifa Batts

Safety Director, Ports America and DBA candidate, Pepperdine Graziadio Business School

Candi Castleberry Singleton

Vice President Diversity Partnership Strategy & Engagement, Twitter

Alex Pratt

Vice President of Development, AMCAL Multi-unit Housing, Inc.

Dr. Felton Williams

President (ret), Board of Education, Long Beach Unified School District

#BlackLivesMatter in the Academy: An Anti-Bias Lens on OB Research

The OB Division organized a session on racial biases and systemic racism in our research process with a panel consisting of Derek Avery, Tracy Dumas, Aparna Joshi, and Mo Wang on February 22, 2021.

This session explored the expression of race or ethnicity-based bias in the research process as it informs responses to author teams, research topics, research samples, and research methods in OB. The session is structured around, first, the reflections of panelists with great experience as editors, reviewers, and authors and their answers to a series of questions addressing these issues, and, second, break-out discussion exploring the actions we may take as a field to address these issues.

As part of the session, participants contributed thoughts on the key problems to address and how to address them through a Qualtrics link. You can view an integrative summary of these contributions or view the full set of responses


Dr. Derek Avery

Dr. Derek Avery

Dr. Tracy Dumas

Dr. Tracy Dumas

Dr. Aparna Joshi

Dr. Aparna Joshi

Dr. Mo Wang

Dr. Mo Wang

Organized by Darren Bharanitharan, Elizabeth George, Denise Lewin Loyd, Daan van Knippenberg, and Howie Xu as part of the OB Executive Division Racial Inequality Committe

How can #BlackLivesMatter in the Academy? Exploring Issues of Systemic Racism and Oppression

This webinar took place on Monday, November 9 from
11.30 am – 1.00 pm ET


Oscar Holmes IV

Oscar Holmes IV


Dr. Dolly Chugh

Dr. Dolly Chugh

Dr. Eddy Ng

Dr. Eddy Ng

Dr. Stella Nkomo

Dr. Stella Nkomo

We will have an interactive discussion of: 

  1. The history of systemic racism/oppression in our field 
  2. Where are we now with systemic racism/oppression 
  3. What do we need to do to get to where we would like to be 

 Suggested Symposium Pre-Reading

African American Inequality in the United States

The Washington Post: Resources to Understand America’s Long History of Injustice and Inequality. 

Organized by Sigal Barsade, Darren Bharanitharan, Oscar Holmes & Howie Xu as part of the OB Executive Division Racial Inequality Committee.


OB Division Rapid Research Plenary: Racial Inequality and Systemic Racism

Sunday, August 9,
1.30 – 3.00 pm EDT

Synchronous session

1.30: Introduction to the session

1.40: First block of presentations + Q&A/Discussion

  • Racial discrimination in the recruitment process – a problem in the German public sector?Thorsten Auer, University of Paderborn
  • The new modern racism: Perceptions of workforce segregation - Jennifer R. Bishop & Jason Brooker, Case Western Reserve University
  • Diversity and inclusion as a social phenomenon Elochukwu Uzor & Michelle MacMahon (presenter), Trinity College Dublin
  • Black careers matter: How organisational social experiences and social networks affect career development for black people and people of colourNicola Thomas, Technical University of Denmark, & Helen P. N. Hughes, University of Leeds
  • Race and gender in career choices: Can identity be leveraged to increase diversity in underrepresented professions?Nuria Tolsá-Caballero, University College London, Curtis Chan, Boston College, & Chia-Jung Tsay, University College London

2.15: Second block of presentations + Q&A/Discussion

  • Exploring self-views of disadvantage and success as interwoven antecedents of White men’s racial privilege acknowledgment - Sean B. Fath, Cornell University, Anyi Ma (Presenter), Tulane University & Ashleigh Shelby Rosette, Duke University
  • The misperception of progress towards diversity, equality, and inclusion in organizations - Michael W. Kraus, LaStarr Hollie, & Brittany Torrez, Yale University
  • Seizing the moment of a “seismic shift”: Moving the DEI needle forwardShaista E. Khilji, George Washington University
  • At war with myself: Competing identity targets in Black law enforcement officers working the BLM protestMelanie K. Prengler, Texas A&M University, Nitya Chawla, Texas A&M University, Angelica Leigh, Duke University, & Kristie M. Rogers, Marquette University
  • Sounds of leadership? A mismatch between Asian Americans’ communication style and leader prototypes in the United StatesSarah Lee, Pepperdine University, & Melissa Williams, Emory University

2.50: Wrap-up & closing