2019-20 Inclusion

The OB Division continues the Spotlight, an initiative to focus attention on a pertinent issue that is relevant to organizational research and practice.

For 2019, our Spotlight is on Pathways for Inclusion, which will encompass scholarly OB research on the many facets of diversity and inclusion, including challenges, concepts, processes, policies and practices involving managers, employees, and organizations. 

In recent years we have begun a division plenary to help highlight our OB Division Spotlight – which this year is about Inclusion in Organizations. The first session on the main program of events, the plenary intends to kick-off the conference and inspire you to think big thoughts!

This year, we welcome keynote speaker Britta Wilson, Vice President of Inclusion Strategies at Pixar! Britta will share wisdom from years of experience in building inclusion. We also have an exciting line-up of executives from other companies engaged in creative inclusion practices, such as Uber and Vodafone and wonderful Spotlight Academic Ambassadors from universities such as Stanford, Harvard, and Wharton who will engage you in conversations about inclusion research.

The event is being sponsored by Pepperdine Graziadio School of Business and will feature coffee and breakfast, so we strongly encourage all OB Division members to come and participate!

The Plenary Session, Spotlight on Pathways to Inclusion, is being held Monday, from 9:00 -11:15 AM in the Sheraton Boston Hotel Back Bay Ballroom D.