Covid Plenary Gallery


Gallery of Supplementary Materials for Papers in Plenary Session

Predicting Telecommuting Preferences and Job Outcomes Amid COVID-19 Pandemic: A latent profile analysis
Cafer Bakaç, Jetmir Zyberaj, & James Barela

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The Effect of Social Status, Identity Centrality, and COVID-19 Salience on COVID-19 Anxiety and Ostracism
Hana Johnson, Jay Bates, Fong Keng Highberger, & Elizabeth Umphress

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Time Fungibility: An inductive study of workers' time-use during COVID-19 stay-at-home orders
Rohin Borpujari, Stephanie Chan-Ahuja, & Eliot Sherman

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The Role of Enterprise Social Networks (ESN) in Maintaining Organizational Rhythms During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Andrew Dickinson

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Empathetic Leadership during Covid-19: Distinguishing the Role of Cognitive Empathy
Carol Flinchbaugh, Ali Mchiri, Shravya Dharba, Jim Fatoki, Shammi Ghandi, Saba Rudsari, Ji-Yeon Seok, & Qin Zhou

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How Can Organizational Leaders Help? Examining the effectiveness of leaders' responses to COVID-19
Cheryl Gray, Shayla Bianchi, Claudia Ocana-Dominguez, Javier Sarmiento, Casey Stringer, Janelle Wells, & Paul Spector

Improving Health and Well-being through Online Dance Fitness Classes during the Global COVID-19 Pandemic
Tomika Greer & Aneika Simmons

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Organizational Capacity to Mitigate the Impact of COVID-19 on Opiod Treatment
Erick Guerrero, Jeanne Marsh, Hortensia Amaro, Yinfei Kong, & Tenie Khachikian

Communication Transparency of Virtual Hierarchical Teams on Team Creative Processes
Tianyu He, Marco Minervini, Jayanth Narayanan, & Phanish Puranam

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Coping with the Crisis: The Effects of Psychological Capital and Coping Styles on Stress during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Luke Langlinais, Richard Oxarart, Sherry Maykrantz, Brandye Nobiling, & Jeffery Houghton

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Mindsets about remote work, but not intelligence, predict emotional adjustment to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic
Lauren Howe

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Drowning or thriving while working from home in a pandemic: Do politics and country matter?
Sophia Jeong & Alexandra Henderson

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To Thine Own Self be True": The path to power through authenticity during the COVID-19 pandemic
Nir Kaftan & Daniel Heller

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Of Pandemics, Politics and Personality: the Role of Conscientiousness and Political Ideology in Sharing of Fake News
Asher Lawson & Hemant Kakkar

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Examining How Employees are Adapting During COVID-19: The role of emotions, engagement, and burnout
Sharon Parker, Daniya Kamran-Morley, & R. David Lebel

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More Threatened but Not More Retaliatory: Contextualizing Leader Responses to Social Undermining During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Theano Lianidou & Maria Kakarika

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Sparking creativity during crisis: Collectivism buffers the negative effects of perceived threat of Covid-19 disease on employee anxiety and creativity
Anyi Ma, Fangzhou Liu, & Savani Krishna

Can family-to-work enrichment decrease anxiety and benefit daily effectiveness in remote workers? The unlocking effect of work-life balance
Federico Magni, Ganqi Tang, Beatrice Manzoni, & Leonardo Caporarello

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Are empowered employees better teleworkers? A self-regulatory perspective for why and when employees effectively work from home
Simeon Muecke

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Understanding an Epidemic during a Pandemic: A relook at work loneliness in time of COVID-19
Hakan Ozcelik, Arianna Beetz, & Sigal Barsade

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Temporary Imperfect Adjustment in the Present, and Performative Adjustment towards a New Future: Individuals' responses to 'Shelter-in-Place' because of COVID-19
Raghu Garud, Eliza Mattarelli, & Sumita Raghuram

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"If I'm a Hero, Then Why Are You Avoiding Me?" Ambivalence as a Side Effect of Increased Esteem and Stigma among Health Care Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Devin Rapp & Glen Kreiner

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Self-Control and Self-Regulation as Mechanisms Linking Remote Communication to Employee Well-Being during the Covid-19 Pandemic
W. Rivkin, K. S. Moser, S. Diestel, & L. Alshaikh

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Positive managerial innovation induced by COVID-19 in the senior health sector
Claude Roussillon Soyer, Françoise LE DEIST, & David Balkin

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Faculty Reactions to Emergency Virtual Instruction
Rudy Sanchez, Nancy Nisbett, Bryan Berrett, & Mitzi Lowe

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The Effect of Cyberbullying on Stress and Productivity of Remote Employees During COVID-19
Gargi Sawhney & Mallory McCord

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(Un)Blocking the Engagement Enhancing Effects of Challenge Demands in Telework: A Three-Way Interaction with Work Interruptions and Leader Member Exchange
Miriam Schilbach, Verena Haun, Anja Baethge, & Thomas Rigotti

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Escaping the Pandemic via Work-related Coping: The Impact of COVID-19 State Policies on Employee Attitudes and Behaviors
Maartje Schouten, Melissa Chamberlin, & David Peterson

Raising Awareness about Emotional Contagion Lowers COVID-19 Related Distress: The Influence of Making the Implicit Explicit in a Pandemic
Jared Scruggs & Sigal Barsade

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Entrepreneurial orientation perception boosts individual productivity? Temporal boundary work matters
Ganqi Tang, Federico Magni, Beatrice Manzoni, & Leonardo Caporarello

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Buffering COVID-related negative emotional states through pre-lockdown team interdependence and social support
Dana Vashdi, Jingqiu Chen, & Peter Bamberger

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Champion of COVID-19 in Ibero-America: Tracking paths to recovery
M. Fernanda Wagstaff, Erica Salvaj, & Sarah Villanueva

Do crisis contexts have a silver lining for minority leaders?
Miriam Yates & Denise Lewin Loyd

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Leading through crisis: Language, leadership style and crisis framing of political leaders during the COVID19 pandemic
Miriam Yates & Denise Lewin Loyd

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How Millennials Made Sense of Transactional Distancing to Maintain Work Performance: A COVID-19 Investigation
Michelle MacMahon & Christine Zdelar

Coping with temporary job loss under COVID-19: A mixed methods study of furloughed workers
Jack Zhang & Stuart Bunderson

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The Impact of COVID-19 Context on Employee Discretionary Work Behaviors through Increased Emotional Job Demands and Leader Emotion Management
Liuba Belkin, Michele Williams, William Becker, & Sarah Tuskey

Health care organizations' resilience in the COVID-19 crisis: A multi-level study across Europe
Charlotte Förster, Nina Füreder, Wolfgang Güttel, & Stephanie Duchek

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Out of Office, Out of Mind? Remote Workers Care Less About Co-Workers' Wages
Kevin Kniffin & John Angus Hildreth

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