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Frank L. Schmidt

  • 1.  Frank L. Schmidt

    Posted 08-25-2021 21:03

    Dear Colleagues,

    With a very heavy heart, we are writing to inform you that Frank L. Schmidt passed away on August 21st. He suffered a sudden heart attack. He was healthy and intellectually vibrant, and had no prior health issues. You will be happy to know that he was active till the end, and did not have to endure any suffering.


    We are heartbroken and sorry to bring you this sad news. Frank was an intellectual giant and a very kind, frank, and open-hearted person. The impact he has had on the field and all of us is precious. He will continue to live in our hearts, memories, and intellectual works.  


    For sharing updates on the funeral and memorial, we have created the following website. http://frankschmidt.memorial/


    Deniz, In-Sue, Vish, & Huy on behalf of his families, students, friends, and collaborators