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Register to Careers Doctoral Consortium for early and mid- stages doctoral students!

  • 1.  Register to Careers Doctoral Consortium for early and mid- stages doctoral students!

    Posted 07-07-2020 16:07

    We are pleased to announce that the Career Division (CAR) will sponsor the CAR "Careers Doctoral Consortium" for early and mid- stages Doctoral Students as part of synchronous "Real-time Open" virtual session scheduled on Aug 8 2020 from 10:00AM to 12:00PM  EST (New York time; UTC-4) at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2020. We warmly welcome early and mid- stages doctoral students whose research focuses on Careers, OB, HR, and more.​

    Submission Type: PDW Workshop (consortium)
    Program Session:   | Submission: 13171 | Sponsor(s): CAR, OB, HR, GDO
    Orientation: Diversity, International, Practice, Research, Teaching, Theme: 20/20: Broadening Our Sight
    Scheduled: Saturday, Aug 8 2020 10:00AM - 12:00PM at Virtual Session in Real-time Open


    CAR Doctoral Consortium


    Ricardo RodriguesKing's College London


    Organizer: Ricardo RodriguesKing's College London

    Organizer: Ariane FroidevauxU. of Texas At Arlington

    Organizer: Denise Mary JepsenMacquarie Business School

    Speaker: Julia RichardsonCurtin U.

    Speaker: Mila Borislavova LazarovaSimon Fraser U.

    Speaker: Anders DysvikBI Norwegian Business School

    Speaker: Ryan Lee KlingerOld Dominion U.

    Speaker: Leisa Deborah SargentUNSW Sydney

    Speaker: Beatrice Van Der HeijdenRadboud U. Nijmegen

    Facilitator: Evgenia LysovaVrije U. Amsterdam

    Facilitator: Jos AkkermansVrije U. Amsterdam

    Facilitator: Yan ShenU. of Victoria

    Facilitator: Serge P. Da Motta VeigaEDHEC Business School

    Distinguished Speaker: Wendy J. CasperU. of Texas At Arlington

    Distinguished Speaker: Belle Rose RaginsU. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

    Distinguished Speaker: Scott SeibertRutgers U., School of Management and Labor Relations

    Distinguished Speaker: Nikos BozionelosEMLYON Business School

    Speaker: Bruce Carruthers MartinThompson Rivers U.


    Doctoral students are often faced with multiple unfamiliar challenges. The PhD process can be demanding and overwhelming and very often students are expected to navigate these challenging issues themselves. Building a support network and effective strategies to manage this demanding process can be critical to these students' future academic and career success. The "CAR Doctoral Consortium" will provide a forum for early to mid- stage doctoral students to meet, connect, and learn from each other informally, from guest speakers, and from a panel of distinguished career scholars on a number of useful and relevant topics. Our aim is to bring together scholars from a broad range of cultures and institutions that mirror the diversity of the CAR membership. Our speakers are a group of distinguished senior as well as junior international faculty.


    The CAR doctoral consortium this year will involve two parts:


    1. Roundtables: Speakers and facilitators will share insights on the following six topics (10:00-11:10):


    (1) Low hanging fruit: Making the most of AOM Annual Meetings;

    (2) Surviving: Accessing and leveraging formal and informal resources during your doctoral program;

    (3) Thriving: Recruiting mentors and collaborators for your network;

    (4) Make it happen: Effectively navigating the dissertation process;

    (5) Head of the class: Preparing for your first course assignment and teaching role;

    (6) Balancing act: How to juggle demands of academic life during your doctoral program and beyond.

    (7) Abiding: The AOM Code of Ethics and you.


    2. Panel discussion (11:10-12:00):

    Highly published career scholars will share insights and discuss along this year's AOM theme of "improving lives": How career research can be impactful and life changing in addition to sharing publishing insights?


    The consortium will include presentations and interactive discussion sessions with faculty members as well as breakfast. It has been designed to allow for high levels of interaction between faculty and students. In order to maintain a high faculty/student ratio, space for this consortium is limited.


    Pre-registration is required for this workshop. Deadline to register is July 27, 2020. However, we will be doing rolling admissions, so earlier applications are highly encouraged as the number of participants is limited to 40. Please submit the following documents to the organizers: Ricardo Rodrigues (ricardo.rodrigues@kcl.ac.uk), Denise Jepsen (denise.jepsen@mq.edu.au) and Ariane Froidevaux (ariane.froidevaux@uta.edu):

    • Your ranking of the 6 tables you would like to participate in from your most preferred one to your least preferred one (1-6). We'll do our best to accommodate everyone's choice but cannot guarantee everyone will get their top 3 choices.
    • A current student CV (up to two pages) including contact information, education, research/teaching interests, publications, and conference presentations for distribution to all participants.
    • A one-page maximum memo stating your research focus and interest for participating in the CAR Doctoral Consortium.


    We expect to notify all applicants of final selection decisions by August 3, 2020.


    We are looking forward to hearing from you!


    Kind regards,

    Ricardo Rodrigues, Denise Jepsen, and Ariane Froidevaux

    Ariane Froidevaux
    Assistant Professor
    University of Texas at Arlington