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#Conflict Management
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#Conflict Management
#Gender and Diversity in Organizations
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#Gender and Diversity in Organizations

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  • From Near and Far: On the Role of Distance in Changing Professional Services Special Issue Journal of Applied Behavioral Science Guest Editors: Tracey L. Adams, University of Western Ontario David M. Brock, Ben-Gurion University ...

  • Dear Colleagues – My coauthors and I are interested in studying danger on the job - specifically employee responses (stress/anxiety/fear, etc.) to dangerous jobs. If you have knowledge of any scales that measure job danger/responses, ...

  • Tenure Track Junior Professorship (W1) in Organizational Behavior with a focus on Leadership and Diversity fulltime, Salary level W1 Reference No. 2024/043. The Department of Politics and Public Administration in the Faculty of Politics – ...

  • ‌ Call for Papers in Journal of Management Scientific Reports Special Issue The special issue submission deadline has been extended to December 1st, 2024 and the complete call for papers is available on SMA's website at: ...

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  • 🌟 Mid-Career Design & Development: What's Next? 🌟

    Are you a mid-career faculty member who has achieved tenure? Congratulations! Now it's time to think about what comes next in your professional journey.

    Join an interactive workshop led by Rena Seltzer from Leader Academic, along with Professors Cecily Cooper and Sreedhari Desai. Together, they will guide you through journaling exercises and small group discussions to help you clarify your academic identity, mission, and vision.

    Here are some questions they'll explore:

    🔹 How will you focus your research moving forward?
    🔹 Are there new areas you want to explore now that you have increased freedom?
    🔹 Do you aspire to leadership roles or want to remain a researcher primarily?
    🔹 Are you satisfied with publishing in academic venues or do you want to reach a broader audience?
    🔹 How will you focus your service work?

    Don't miss this opportunity to reflect on your goals and find the support you need to achieve them. Space is limited, so sign up now!

  • Workshop : Tools for Becoming a Prolific Writer

    Learning to establish effective and productive writing habits is a common struggle for many academics. In this series on tools for prolific writing, we invite you to hear from leading scholars on the methods they have used to become productive writers and scholars.

    We invite you to join us Friday, January 26th at 12pm EST for this hour-long session. Scholars at all career points (PhD students, junior faculty, senior faculty, instructors) are encouraged to participate and see the benefits of establishing and participating in writing groups.

    See what time that is in your time zone

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  • 🎸 Want to become a kid of the #trust #revolution at #EGOS2024? 🎙️ Together with Antoinette Weibel and Rosalind Searle (Ros Searle) we host an #EGOS2024 subtheme on #trust and #distrust as meaningful templates to find answers to the growing ...