• OB@AOM Creating a Better World Through Translation: Publishing in HBR, SMR, CMR, & PSJ

    Many research studies have commenced with the hope they will have significant theoretical and practical implications. Many researchers want to help create a better world by making a difference within their scholarly communities and within organizations where managers and professionals practice. Yet, these important insights are often not read by “real world” leaders, managers, and professionals. In our quest to be more inclusive in sharing our research, it is increasingly important to consider new ways of providing managers greater access to our research findings. This PDW focuses on how researchers can have a greater impact on practice by publishing in journals that are circulated beyond the Academy. Senior editors representing “bridging” journals (Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, People + Strategy Journal, California Management Review) will share insights on how to publish in venues that impact both academics and practitioners. In addition, researchers will share a priori research development strategies that set up projects with a greater chance to make a difference beyond the academy in the “real world” to improve lives. Researchers and editors will lead a highly interactive and participative session on this topic, which will include audience dialogue and roundtable discussions.

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