• OB@AOM Halfway There, But Now What? Advice for Pre-Dissertation Doctoral Students (14th Annual)

    If you are a PhD student who has finished your comprehensive exams (or has finished at least 1 year of your PhD program), we invite you to join us for the annual "Halfway There" PDW at AoM 2022. This PDW is designed to help mid-program PhD students begin establishing themselves as independent scholars. 

    Program Overview:

    • Part 1: Introduction and Introspection
    • Part 2: Crafting your Impact with Dr. Joyce Bono (University of Florida) and Dr. Theresa Glomb (University of Minnesota)
    • Part 3: Launching the Dissertation Process with Dr. Margaret Luciano (Pennsylvania State University)
    • Part 4: Envisioning your “Job Market” Panel with Dr. Fadel Matta (University of Georgia), Dr. Rachel Arnett (University of Pennsylvania), Dr. Kristie Rogers (Marquette University), and Dr. Natalie Liberman (Indiana University)
    • Part 5: Round-table discussions with recent job market candidates
    • Part 6: Setting your Path with Dr. Allison Gabriel (University of Arizona)
    • Part 7: Concluding Remarks

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