• Welcome-a-Member program for the OB Division: Calling all first-time attendees and mentors needed!

    The “Welcome-a-Member” program is designed to extend a warm welcome to new members attending the meeting for the first time by pairing them with more experienced OB Division members.

    If you are a first-time attendee, please consider signing up by completing a short survey here:

    If you have been to the annual meeting at least once and are interested in supporting this program, please consider signing up as a mentor and completing a short survey here:

    The sign-up surveys will close Friday, July 12th, and detailed program descriptions can be found by clicking on your role as a first-time attendee or mentor.

    Bailey Bigelow, Matt Deeg, and Tobias Dennerlein

    On behalf of the OB Division Making Connections Committee


  • Preparing for the OB Job Market: Advice from Experts & Reflections from Recent Grads

    Friday, June 14, 2024, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm EDT

    See what time that is in your time zone here

    This workshop aims to support the socialization of doctoral students and enhance their knowledge about the job market. The first half of the workshop provides tips and best practices from professors who have served on multiple hiring committees. The second half features reflections and advice from professors who have recently navigated the job market.

  • Newly elected officers

    We are pleased to announce the results of the 2024 election. This year, we had a participation rate of 19.78%, with 1,233 votes cast out of 6,232 eligible voters.
    Marie S. Mitchell, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, has been elected as the new OB Division Program Chair Elect.
    The following individuals who have been elected as Representatives at Large:
    • Marjo-Riitta Diehl, Aalto University School of Business
    • Andreas Richter, University of Cambridge
    • Kira Schabram, University of Washington
    We are thrilled to see increased global representation on our committee, with half of our winners coming from outside North America.
    We would like to express our gratitude to all the candidates who were willing to have their names placed on the ballot and for their willingness to serve our community. Additionally, we thank all the members who participated in this democratic process and exercised their right to vote.
  • Doctoral consortium nominations

    We are seeking nominations for the 2024 AOM OB Doctoral Student Consortium. The consortium will take place in person at the Annual AOM conference. It is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, August 10, 2024, from 8:00 AM-5:00 PM local time. The Organizational Behavior Doctoral Consortium is designed for students who are in the final year of their doctoral program (i.e., students who will be on the job market in fall 2024 and who have made significant progress on their dissertation/thesis research). Therefore, priority will be given to students who have made the most progress toward completing their Ph.D. program (e.g., defended a dissertation proposal, completed data collection), but who have not yet defended their dissertation.  

    The consortium includes a mix of presentations, panel discussions, and interactive sessions designed to launch doctoral students into their academic careers. Faculty presentations, interactive panels with journal editors, and roundtable sessions include topics such as crafting the right academic job, acing the job talk, succeeding in research and publishing from the perspective of a panel of editors, and starting or participating in effective and inclusive collaborations. More than 50 faculty members have volunteered to speak and/or host roundtable discussions.

    Nomination Requirements: The completed nomination should be submitted by the nominating department/school/advisor, via the survey below.  Only nominations submitted via this survey will be considered. There is no formal restriction on the number of students a program may submit. However, we request that programs only nominate students who meet the selection criteria (e.g., only nominate students who are in the final year of their doctoral program, as opposed to early-stage students who would be better served in a future year).  In the case of space limitations, admission decisions will be made based on demonstrated progress toward the applicant's dissertation and broader research portfolio.

    The following information must be provided:

    • The nominee's one-page vita/bio in PDF format (longer documents may be rejected). Please name the file with the nominee's last name followed by ShortCV (e.g., SmithShortCV.pdf). 
    • The nominee's one-page summary of dissertation/thesis research in PDF format (title and abstract is fine; longer summaries may be rejected). Please name the file with the nominee's last name followed by Research (e.g., SmithResearch.pdf). 
    • Advisor/program chair endorsement. 

    Nominations will only be accepted via the following Qualtrics survey:

    Nomination deadline: Friday, April 26, 2024 (11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time).

    For questions, please contact Margaret Luciano at or Shannon Taylor at

    We look forward to welcoming you to the OB Doctoral Consortium at AOM!

    Margaret Luciano and Shannon Taylor

    OB Division Representatives-at-Large

  • 🌟 Mid-Career Design & Development: What's Next? 🌟

    Are you a mid-career faculty member who has achieved tenure? Congratulations! Now it's time to think about what comes next in your professional journey.

    Join an interactive workshop led by Rena Seltzer from Leader Academic, along with Professors Cecily Cooper and Sreedhari Desai. Together, they will guide you through journaling exercises and small group discussions to help you clarify your academic identity, mission, and vision.

    Here are some questions they'll explore:

    🔹 How will you focus your research moving forward?
    🔹 Are there new areas you want to explore now that you have increased freedom?
    🔹 Do you aspire to leadership roles or want to remain a researcher primarily?
    🔹 Are you satisfied with publishing in academic venues or do you want to reach a broader audience?
    🔹 How will you focus your service work?

    Don't miss this opportunity to reflect on your goals and find the support you need to achieve them. Space is limited, so sign up now!

  • Workshop : Tools for Becoming a Prolific Writer

    Learning to establish effective and productive writing habits is a common struggle for many academics. In this series on tools for prolific writing, we invite you to hear from leading scholars on the methods they have used to become productive writers and scholars.

    We invite you to join us Friday, January 26th at 12pm EST for this hour-long session. Scholars at all career points (PhD students, junior faculty, senior faculty, instructors) are encouraged to participate and see the benefits of establishing and participating in writing groups.

    See what time that is in your time zone

  • Become an OB Reviewer Hero (for AOM Submissions)

    🌟 Dear OB Division Colleagues, 🌟


    Reflecting on our AOM submission history, the OB Division has embraced a critical goal: to enlist 1,500 members as reviewers by January 15 for the upcoming Annual Academy of Management Conference. This goal is not only ambitious but also rooted in realism.


    Currently, we stand at about a third of our goal. This is where we need your help!  By stepping up as an OB Reviewer, you join the ranks of those committed to elevating our division. Your contribution as a reviewer will be instrumental in achieving this critical objective, directly benefiting our OB Division.


    🔗 To become a champion as an OB Division Program Reviewer, please visit:


    Thank you for your commitment and support of the OB Division, and 🎉 Happy New Year!


    Gilad Chen, 2024 OB Division Program Chair

    Keith Leavitt, 2024 OB Division Symposium Chair

  • OB Division Highlight - U.S. Business Schools’ Talent Pipeline Problem

    Over time, the missing population in the faculty ranks could well be professors from America, which will lose an edge in the research and teaching of best business practices, writes Jennifer Nahrgang.

  • 1. AOM - OB Division - Submit your best work and sign up as a reviewer for the AOM Conference 2024

    Dear OB Division members:

    The OB Division Call for Submissions for the 2024 Academy of Management Conference is now posted:

    Please submit your work to the OB Division, and also sign up to become an OB Division Program Reviewer:

    The OB Division has a goal of recruiting 1,500 reviewers by early January, 2024 -- please help us reach this important goal!

    Thank you,

    Gilad Chen, 2024 OB Division Program Chair
    Keith Leavitt, 2024 OB Division Symposium Chair


  • Call for nominations

    Please take a moment to nominate a deserving member of our division for one of the following career awards!
    Please complete this form to nominate someone for one of these prestigious awards. Nominations for the Lifetime Achievement Award are due by Tuesday, January 9, 2024 at 11:59PM EST. Nominations for the other three awards are due by Tuesday, February 20, 2023 at 11:59pm EST.
  • AOM Submission Incubator for Early-Stage Researchers

    Are you ready for the annual Academy of Management conference? Peer reviews and constructive feedback from colleagues are key to advancing our academic work, especially in the early stages of our careers. For non-native English scholars, peer reviews can also help in avoiding common pitfalls related to writing in a second language.

    In this developmental Incubator, the Global Committee of the Organizational Behavior Division will offer friendly reviews and support to help you develop your paper or symposium for a successful submission to the AoM conference in Chicago in 2024 ( Additionally, this is a prime opportunity to expand your global networks!

    The Incubator is tailored mainly for doctoral students, post-docs, and early-stage researchers outside North America who are non-native English speakers. We’ve chosen a time to accommodate as many global time zones as possible. We will accept up to 25 paper and/or symposium proposals for this Incubator. The proposals will be discussed in small breakout rooms of 3-5 participants, with one or more facilitators from the Global Committee of the OB Division.

    Interested? Here’s How to Proceed:

    Submit your draft paper (or symposium) on any OB topic, “as is” by Sunday, November 12, 12 noon (CET). Submission portal:

    1. Clearly state specific questions or issues you would like feedback on (e.g., methodology, use of English, writing style, structure & content).
    2. Add a brief bio (up to 100 words) with your submission, including name, contact information, affiliation, current role or position, and research interests.
    3. That’s it!

    What else should I know?

    • Preference will be given to junior scholars.
    • Ideally, paper and symposium proposals should be in advanced stages but not yet complete (e.g., minimum 20 pages, drafts of each section completed; empirical papers should have initial data analyses done).
    • Submissions should conform to the AOM submission style (Submitting to the Annual Meeting, link:
    • Membership in AOM or the OB Division is not required for this Incubator.
    • Notification of acceptance and further procedures for the Incubator will be communicated soon after submissions close.
    • Breakout rooms will be organized to group thematically and methodologically similar submissions, facilitating fruitful discussions.
  • Burnout and Work-Life Enrichment Conversation Series

    Learning to manage and find meaning in work and life outside of work continues to be one of the biggest struggles for academics, especially as we are often dealing with internal tensions that lead us to believe that our work and personal identities are incompatible with one another. In this one-hour conversation series, we invite you to hear from leading scholars in the field about their personal journeys in finding work-life enrichment and ways to make academic careers even more fulfilling.

    Join us for a conversation series where we explore meaning and work-life enrichment. The second of this three-part conversation series will feature Dr. Sue Ashford and Dr. Jane Dutton as they discuss how they have crafted a career rich in personal meaning – both in terms of their scholarly contributions to the field as well as the manner in which they have navigated through work and non-work life in a purposeful and fulfilling way.  

    We invite you to invest an hour of your Friday morning on November 17th (10 am CST) to reflect on your own burnout and work-life enrichment and gain tools to better manage your work-life dynamic.

  • OB Division Lifetime Achievement Award

    Come join Sue Ashford and John Hollenbeck as they receive the Academy of Management Organizational Behavior Life Achievement Award in an interactive and competitive format the likes of which has never been done before. Former AOM President, James P. Walsh, will moderate the event and these two esteemed presenters will bring a combined 80 years of experience in the field of Organizational Behavior to the conversation.

  • OB Division Awards Ceremony and Social

    Enjoy complimentary hors d'oeuvres and find out who won the coveted "Obies" this year! Awards will be given both for career achievements and best conference sessions.

    Saturday August 05, 05:30 PM - 07:30 PM, Republic AB Combined, Sheraton

  • PDW-Human Sustainability: Tying Together Related Streams of Research and Mapping a Path Forward

    Researchers are exploring how to sustain human capital in order to accomplish work. This workshop brings together scientists and participants to discuss how to integrate research streams into a framework and create more effective and impactful scholarship, teaching, practice, and administration. Join the conversation and learn how to advance understanding, dissemination, and application of knowledge related to human sustainability.

  • PDW-Speaking Science

    It's time to get our voices out! Let's join together to learn the necessary skills to effectively communicate science to broader audiences. The popular "Speaking Science" PDW is returning to the Academy of Management conference for its second year. Through interactive activities, discussion, and advice from renowned experts, we will explore best practices for communicating science effectively and developing the confidence to share our research. Don't miss your chance to join us and build your science communication skills. Registration is limited to 100 participants, so sign up now to secure your spot! Register here

  • PDW-New to OB? Navigating the OB Division and AOM

    If you joined the Organizational Behavior (OB) division within the last three years and want to learn more about the OB division and starting out in the field of OB, then this forum is for you! This PDW was created to answer your questions about the “essentials” of the AOM conference, the OB division, and the field of OB. The session is organized around a panel discussion between established members of the OB division and new OB members like yourself. The PDW will include a welcome and overview of the OB Division, a networking ice breaker, and a panel discussion prompted by questions from participants. As a participant in the forum, you can ask questions of your choice.

  • OB Division Coffee Breaks

    Meet and greet with the OB division leadership for a morning coffee!

    Days: Friday, 4 August through Tuesday, 8 August
    Time: 7:30AM – 9AM


  • 2023 Mid-Career Workshop

    What is the purpose?

    The workshop will provide a forum for attendees to connect with senior Faculty Fellows about navigating challenges and opportunities at the mid-career stage.

    What is the format?

    First, the Faculty Fellows will participate in panel discussions regarding issues relevant to attendees. Second, after the panel discussions, there will be small group breakouts, which will offer a forum to connect more personally with Faculty Fellows and to talk about issues of interest.

    Who are the Faculty Fellows?

    We have a group of ten senior faculty members who will speak about their career experiences:

    ·       Kris Byron, Georgia State University 

    ·       Deanne den Hartog, University of Amsterdam

    ·       Maryam Kouchaki, Northwestern University

    ·       Glen Kreiner, University of Utah

    ·       Audrey Korsgaard, University of South Carolina

    ·       Carol Kulik, University of South Australia

    ·       Cindy Muir, University of Notre Dame

    ·       Andreas Richter, University of Cambridge

    ·       Terri Scandura, University of Miami

    ·       Maurice Schweitzer, University of Pennsylvania

    Who can attend?

    This workshop is designed for faculty members who consider themselves to be mid-career. This generally includes scholars who have earned tenure but are not yet a full professor (i.e., are at the associate-level) or the equivalent if working in a non-tenure granting institution. You should also be a member of the Organizational Behavior Division and must be registered for the AOM conference.

  • The Integration of Organizational Behavior & Artificial Intelligence

    The integration of organizational behavior (OB) and artificial intelligence (AI) will be featured during the OB Division’s Plenary session at the 2023 annual meeting of the Academy of Management. Expert panelists will present examples of how AI has influenced research designs, access to and analysis of data, and fundamental research questions in the OB domain. The session will also include small group discussions of how AI will affect scholarly research, journal publications, pedagogy, student assignments, teaching, and consulting. The session will conclude with a description of opportunities and risks associated with the integration of OB and AI.