• Navigating the Academy of Management Conference for First-Time Attendees

    Join us for this one-hour session organized by the Global Committee of the OB division. As a participant, you will get a chance to meet other first-time attendees, ask questions, and hear tips and tricks on planning and preparing for the annual meeting, as well as on how to successfully navigate the meeting once you are there.


    12.00-12.10 Welcome by Current OB Division Chair Rebecca Bennett and OB Global Committee Chair Marjo-Riitta Diehl

    12.10-12.40 Perspectives on planning for and thriving at your first AOM meeting. A panel discussion among new and seasoned members of the OB Division

    12.40-13.00 Q&A with session participants

    Who can join:

    This session is geared towards those planning to attend the Academy for the first time but all are welcome.


    Friday, April 28 · 1 - 2pm IST



  • Mid-Career Development Workshop

    This is an interactive workshop for mid-career faculty members who are seeking guidance on the “next chapter” of their career, to include what one’s professional needs are on the other side of tenure and who can offer support to help achieve new goals. 

    Who can attend: Faculty members who have earned tenure but are not yet a full professor (i.e., are at the associate level) – or the equivalent if working in a non-tenure granting institution

    Date: Wednesday, May 17, 2023

    Time: 10 AM – Noon Eastern Time (U.S. and Canada)

    Format: Virtual

    Facilitator: Rena Seltzer, President & Principal Coach of Leader Academic 

    Organizers: Professors Payal Sharma, Sharon Hill, and Cecily Cooper (former and current representatives-at-large for the OB Division)

    Registration deadline: April 26, 2023. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the workshop. 

    Please contact Payal Sharma at and put "Spring MCW" in the subject line if you have any question. 

  • A Workshop to Advance Research on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    Junior scholars conducting research on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in management and related fields are invited to attend this two-day workshop.  As part of the workshop, you will work in small writing groups and gain feedback from journal editors and your peers to accelerate submission of your paper to a top journal. The event will be in person only and will begin in the morning on June 5th and conclude in the afternoon on June 6th

    Individuals can receive feedback on research manuscripts at any stage of development. For this reason, we ask that participants submit their research and indicate their progress in the registration form. We also ask that you provide three key words about your research on the registration form.

    Workshop participants must register by April 3rd to attend. Please email Prof. Elizabeth Umphress if you have any question. 

  • Burnout and Work-Life Enrichment Conversation Series

    Learning to manage and find meaning in work and life outside of work continues to be one of the biggest struggles for academics. Couple this recurrent struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic and it is easy to understand why we are currently facing a burnout crisis and why our work and personal identities can feel incompatible with one another.

    In this series, we invite you to hear from leading scholars in the field about their personal journeys in finding work-life enrichment and ways to make academic careers even more fulfilling. Join us for a conversation series where we explore meaning and work-life enrichment.

    The first of the conversations will feature Dr. Lisa Schurer Lambert and Dr. Sherry Thatcher as they discuss how they have found meaning in service at the university and field levels—crafting personal missions for themselves that enrich both their personal and professional lives, while also serving the broader academic communities.
    We invite you to invest an hour of your Friday on April 7th (10 am CST) to reflect on your own burnout and work-life enrichment and gain tools to better manage your work-life dynamic.


  • Nominate someone for a leadership role!

    Nominations are open! 🗣️ We need your help in identifying potential volunteer leaders for the Divisions and Interest Groups of the Academy. Do you know a colleague with great leadership skills who you would recommend? Or are you interested in serving in a leadership role yourself? 🤔

    Now is your chance to make a difference! 💪 Log-in now to share your nominations with us and help us find the perfect representatives to lead your division or interest group. Self-nominations are also encouraged! 🙌 Visit and follow the onscreen instructions to log-in to your Academy profile. Nominations will remain open until February 28. 🗓️

    Let's make a change together! 🤝 Nominate a colleague who might be willing and able to contribute to the leadership of our division. Thank you for your participation! 🙏

  • Reviews are due February 16!

    It's time to make your mark! Your reviews for the 2023 annual meeting are due on February 16. By contributing your reviews, you're helping to advance the science of Organizational Behavior and supporting your colleagues.

    Don't miss this opportunity to make a difference - submit your reviews today!

  • Reviewing for the Aom Conference

    If you need some tips for reviewing papers for the AoM Annual conference you can find them here
  • Call for nominations

    Please take a moment to nominate a deserving member of our division for one of the following career awards!

    Please complete this form to nominate someone for one of these prestigious awards. Nominations are due by Monday, February 20, 2023 at 11:59pm ET and no late nominations will be accepted.


    Thank you,

    Raina Brands

  • We Need 300 More Reviewers for the OB Division!

    We currently have 1,043 reviewers signed up, but we need over 300 more reviewers!

    Please sign up today, so that we will have a sufficient number of reviewers to read and review all of the paper and symposium submissions.
  • Be a reviewer hero!

    We currently have 720 reviewers signed up, but we typically need between 1,400 and 1,500 reviewers to be able to get all papers and symposia effectively reviewed. That means we need over 700 more reviewers to sign up!

  • OB@AOM Division Scholarly Program: Call for Submissions

    The scholarly program at AOM's annual meeting consists primarily of two main types of sessions, paper sessions and symposia

    All program sessions will be held on-site in Boston, Massachusetts, USA

    The conference schedule will be organized in the traditional format of PDWs on Friday and Saturday, meetings on Sunday, and papers and symposia on Monday and Tuesday. Consortia will be offered Friday-Sunday and Plenary Sessions Sunday – Tuesday.

    Submission Timeline

    6 December 2022: Submission Center open

    10 January 2023 Submission deadline (5:00 PM ET, New York Time)

    Late February 2023 PDW Acceptance notifications

    Late March 2023 Papers & Symposium Acceptance notifications

    Late May 2023 Online Program available

    4-8 August 2023 83rd Annual Meeting, held in Boston, MA, USA

    Click Here for Further Information


  • OB@AOM Call for PDWs for the Annual Meeting

    The OB Division invites creative and engaging proposals for interactive Professional Development Workshops (PDWs) for the 2023 Annual Meeting.

    The OB Division’s PDWs will be scheduled for Friday, August 4 and Saturday, August 5. All program sessions will be held on-site in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

    Submission Deadline: Tuesday, 10 January 2023 at 5:00 PM ET (New York time)

    Submit using the PDW submission system at: .

     If you would like to discuss your submission, please contact the PDW chair, 

    Click Here for Further information

  • OB@AOM Organizational Behavior Division Making Connections Networking Event

    This fun and informal networking event is hosted by the Making Connections Committee ( Please join us to keep making connections! 

    Link to session in the program: Click here

    No pre-registration required

  • OB@AOM Halfway There, But Now What? Advice for Pre-Dissertation Doctoral Students (14th Annual)

    If you are a PhD student who has finished your comprehensive exams (or has finished at least 1 year of your PhD program), we invite you to join us for the annual "Halfway There" PDW at AoM 2022. This PDW is designed to help mid-program PhD students begin establishing themselves as independent scholars. 

    Program Overview:

    • Part 1: Introduction and Introspection
    • Part 2: Crafting your Impact with Dr. Joyce Bono (University of Florida) and Dr. Theresa Glomb (University of Minnesota)
    • Part 3: Launching the Dissertation Process with Dr. Margaret Luciano (Pennsylvania State University)
    • Part 4: Envisioning your “Job Market” Panel with Dr. Fadel Matta (University of Georgia), Dr. Rachel Arnett (University of Pennsylvania), Dr. Kristie Rogers (Marquette University), and Dr. Natalie Liberman (Indiana University)
    • Part 5: Round-table discussions with recent job market candidates
    • Part 6: Setting your Path with Dr. Allison Gabriel (University of Arizona)
    • Part 7: Concluding Remarks

    Link to session in the program:

    Please Register Here:

  • OB@AOM OB Research Roundtables Forum

    This PDW is especially for members to feel “at home” in the Organizational Behavior (OB) Division by expanding their network of scholars interested in similar research areas. We designed the forum to provide members a platform to meet leading scholars in specific OB research topic areas, get to know other members of the Division, and discuss research ideas. The PDW will include three 25-minutes rounds of discussion that are moderated by accomplished scholars who serve as experts in a particular topic area of OB research.

    The research themes will span a wide range of OB topics, including: alternative work arrangements; contextual aspects of work (e.g., socialization, culture, & climate); creativity & innovation; dark side of OB; diversity; emotions, affect and attitudes; ethics, justice/fairness, and trust; identity & identification; leadership (tables for relational leadership, behavioral leadership, destructive leadership); motivation and engagement; personality and individual differences; power, politics, and social influence processes; stress and well-being; team composition and diversity; team processes and dynamics; time and temporal dynamics; social networks; voice and proactivity; and work-life interface. As in years past, we anticipate in-depth research discussions and the facilitation of many meaningful connections among the participants and members of the OB Division.

    Link to session in the program: 

    Please Register Here: 

  • OB@AOM Creating a Better World Through Translation: Publishing in HBR, SMR, CMR, & PSJ

    Many research studies have commenced with the hope they will have significant theoretical and practical implications. Many researchers want to help create a better world by making a difference within their scholarly communities and within organizations where managers and professionals practice. Yet, these important insights are often not read by “real world” leaders, managers, and professionals. In our quest to be more inclusive in sharing our research, it is increasingly important to consider new ways of providing managers greater access to our research findings. This PDW focuses on how researchers can have a greater impact on practice by publishing in journals that are circulated beyond the Academy. Senior editors representing “bridging” journals (Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, People + Strategy Journal, California Management Review) will share insights on how to publish in venues that impact both academics and practitioners. In addition, researchers will share a priori research development strategies that set up projects with a greater chance to make a difference beyond the academy in the “real world” to improve lives. Researchers and editors will lead a highly interactive and participative session on this topic, which will include audience dialogue and roundtable discussions.

    Link to session in the program:

    No pre-registration required

  • OB@AOM Speaking Science

    The new PDW sponsored by the Making Connections Committee of the OB Division “Speaking Science” focuses on developing skills to become better storytellers of our research and “say yes” to science communications.

    In this 2.5 hour session, we will cover several key skills in effective science communication including how to craft a story, how to eliminate jargon and hone in on the focal story, identifying and tailoring the story to your audience, and gaining insights from communication professionals outside of the academy. The session will couple best practices in media communications with relevant theater improvisation skills to provide participants with the opportunity to learn and practice the importance of science communication and experience the value of communicating their research to non-expert audiences. It will be an engaging, challenging, information, and fun session. Join us! 

    Link to session in the program:

    Please register here: 

  • OB@AOM Enduring through Gender Biases in Academia: Understanding Experiences, Challenges, and Soluti

    As in organizational life, there are numerous barriers that detriment female scholars in academia generally and in the field of organizational sciences, specifically. Indeed, akin to the ‘glass ceiling’ phenomenon within organizations, women in academia suffer from similar gender inequities (e.g., field-level structural barriers, lack of organizational support, social support concerns, and limited allyship). As such, the aim of the proposed professional development workshop (PDW) is to shed light on the challenges that female scholars face in our field and generate ideas and solutions for changes that can help women overcome some of these barriers. To do so, this session invites leading scholars to apply insights from their own, and others’, research and knowledge on gender and organizational bias to the field of management. The panelist presentations will be followed by breakout sessions where participants are able to have open conversations with the panelists and engage in a discussion of possible solutions to the barriers women scholars face. Combined, this PDW seeks to broaden our understanding of women’s experiences in the Academy and find solutions to better meet the needs of female scholars and facilitate their success in the field. This PDW is slated to be one of the flagship PDWs of the OB Division.

    Link to session in the program:

    Please register here:

  • OB@AOM How to Manage Academic Collaborations: Tips and Strategies from Team Scholars (3rd Annual)

    In this PDW, we draw from current research on team diversity, multiple team membership, and virtual teams, to learn how we can successfully manage complex academic collaborations. The primary goals of this PDW are (1) to enhance participants’ awareness of how they can effectively work together in diverse, multiple and/or virtual teams, and (2) to derive practical strategies they can use after the PDW to increase their own success in academic collaborations. The PDW will begin with a brief introduction to the concepts of team diversity, multiple team membership, and virtual teams, followed by small group discussions in which participants reflect on when they were most successful in their academic collaborations. Drs. Lauren D'Innocenzo, Sujin Jang, and Travis Maynard will then present their cutting-edge research in this field, proposing a set of practical strategies to help participants find opportunities to make their academic collaborations more rewarding and fruitful. Then, participants will develop an action plan for incorporating strategies in their daily lives to make their collaborations more effective and share them with other participants. Finally, the practical and theoretical insights will be discussed and put into perspective by Dr. Deborah Ancona. The PDW will conclude with a summative discussion of key learnings.

    Link to session in the program:

    No pre-registration required

  • OB@AOM The Productivity Process: Research Tips and Strategies from Prolific Junior Faculty

    Please join us at AOM 2022 in Seattle for the annual PDW on The Productivity Process: Research Tips and Strategies from Prolific Junior Faculty. The purpose of the PDW is to help junior faculty face the challenges of being productive. Importantly, the PDW acknowledges research productivity as a process that can be improved through learning. presenters will discuss their work habits and how they go about their work (e.g., time allocation, co-authorships, writing blocks, and strategies) as well as other “life” factors that influence their productivity (e.g., exercise, work/family balance). This session includes individual presentations, small group roundtables, and a keynote address.

    • Junior Faculty Speakers: Elizabeth (Beth) Campbell (Minnesota), Michael Parke (Wharton), Emma Levine (UChicago), Zhenyu Yuan (Illinois), Sarah Doyle (U of Arizona), Peter Belmi (UVA)
    • Junior Faculty Table Hosts: Anna Lennard (Oklahoma State), Joanna Lin (U of Georgia)
    • Distinguished Speaker (Keynote): Abbie Shipp (Texas Christian University)

    Link to session in the program:

    Please register here:

  • OB@AOM New to OB? Navigating the OB Division and AOM

    If you joined the Organizational Behavior (OB) division within the last three years and want to learn more about the OB division and starting out in the field of OB, then this forum is for you! This PDW was created to answer your questions about the “essentials” of the AOM conference, the OB division, and the field of OB. The session is organized around a panel discussion between established members of the OB division and new OB members like yourself. The PDW will include a welcome and overview of the OB Division, a networking ice breaker, and a panel discussion prompted by questions from participants. As a participant in the forum, you can ask questions of your choice.

    Link to session in the program:

    Please register for this PDW here:
  • OB@AOM From This is Depleting to This is Energizing – How Work Enhances Psychological Energy?

    Departing from a vast body of research of work-related factors that deplete employees' energy through self-control processes the present symposium aims to advance our understanding of how work can enhance employees' energy. To do this we draw- and expand on self- determination theory (SDT) and particularly focus on basic needs satisfaction and associated autonomous self-regulation (as opposed to self-control) as psychological mechanisms that link work-and non-work- related factors and behaviors to employees' subjective vitality - a state of enhanced psychological energy. The four studies included in this symposium identify employees' work commute, the joint support of one’s supervisor and colleagues, consistent displays of high servant leadership, and daily mindfulness as determinants of employees’ satisfaction of their individual needs for autonomy, competence, and relatedness as well as of balanced need satisfaction, which in turn promote autonomous regulation and associated subjective vitality. Accordingly, these studies comprehensively map to and extend our understanding of the motivational process outlined in self- determination theory. First, by identifying a set of work-related factors that facilitate employees' energy, second by focusing on novel mechanisms in the form of balanced needs satisfaction and flow experiences as a form of autonomous regulation, and third by identifying boundary conditions such as preference for need satisfaction, colleague support, consistency of servant leadership, and trait autonomy that influence the proposed motivational processes outlined by SDT. Last but not least the symposium outlines how employees can turn work from a depleting into an energizing experience.

    A Self-Determination Perspective on the Impact of Commuting on Employees' Domain-Related Functioning
    Dana UngerUiT The Arctic U. of Norway
    Wladislaw RivkinTrinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin

    How Leaders and Colleagues’ Jointly Facilitate Employees’ Well-Being via Balanced Needs Satisfaction
    Ioannis KratsiotisManchester Metropolitan U.
    Nicholas TheodorakopoulosAston Business School
    Charlotte HohnemannU. of Wuppertal - Schumpeter School of Business and Economics

    Flip Flop; Never a Good Look: How Consistency shapes the Energizing Effects of Servant Leadership
    Wladislaw RivkinTrinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin
    Nishat BabuLoughborough U., School of Business and Economics
    Kenneth De RoeckSKEMA Business School
    Sudeshna BhattacharyaAston Business School

    The Moderating Role of Trait Autonomy in Linking Mindfulness to Vitality via Flow Experiences
    Elvira RadacaU. of Wuppertal - Schumpeter School of Business and Economics
    Charlotte HohnemannU. of Wuppertal - Schumpeter School of Business and Economics
    Stefan DiestelU. of Wuppertal

    When:  Aug 8, 2022 from 10:00 to 11:30 (PT)
    Location: 507 Sauk, Hyatt Regency Seattle, 808 Howell St, Seattle, WA WA98101
  • OB&AOM 2022 PDW Shaping the Research Agenda on the Future of Work

    This PDW (in its second year) brings together a distinguished panel of scholars and practitioners to stimulate an interactive and developmental conversation on driving forward research in management on the future of work.
    Part 1: Panel Talk and Group Q&A;

    Part 2: Themed Sessions with Facilitated Breakout Sessions (short application required, limited spots)

    • Andrew Carton AMJ
    • Morela Hernandez  AMR
    • Kevin Rockmann AMD
    • Gretchen Spreitzer AMA
    • James Elfer
    • Kate Nowak

      Hybrid Interactive on August 5th , 2022, 5:30-8:00pm Pacific Time. Please note: The deadline to rigister is July 25th, 2022.

      Sign up here

      More information
    • OB@AOM Sixth Annual Behavioral Ethics Pecha Kucha Springboard and Networking PDW

      Registration is open for the Sixth Annual Behavioral Ethics Pecha Kucha Springboard and Networking PDW at the Academy of Management Meeting in Seattle. 

      This year’s theme is “From Past to Present: Classic Ideas and Contemporary Applications.”

      The PDW consists of two parts.The first part will be hybrid (both in-person and online) consists of eight Pecha Kucha (timed 5-minute) presentations on a set of four foundational topics that have profoundly impacted and shaped the field of behavioral ethics. The session takes place on Saturday, August 6, from 12:30PM to 3:00PM Seattle (Pacific) time, in Ballroom 6E at the Seattle Convention Center (online from 12:30 to around 2PM Pacific time).  

      More information

      Register Now

      Please note:

      The deadline to sign up is July 15.

      As of 26 June, we only have 40 spaces left for our on-site event, while there is no registration limite for our online events.

    • OB@AOM That’s a (Science) Riot! Cultivating Research Impact through Stand-up Comedy

      Participation is open to those who self-identify that their involvement would expand access and enhance representation in the management academic community. Applications (via ) are due 15 June for Cohort A, and 8 July for Cohort B. The fee per participant is US$300; this cost has been subsidized, and two fee-free places will be available to candidates from hardship backgrounds. Please indicate in your application if you would like to be considered for a fee waiver. Contact Dr. Sarah Otner () with queries.


      Cohort A: Train online 1-22 JUL. Perform Friday 5 AUG evening.

      Cohort B: Train -person Friday 09:00-14:00 AND Saturday 12:00-17:00 . Perform Sunday 7 AUG evening.

    • OB@AOM Bridging Organizational Behavior and Entrepreneurship

      The OB Division, in collaboration with the ENT Division and sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation, organizes a PDW “Bridging Organizational Behavior and Entrepreneurship, for the 2022 AOM Annual Meeting, in-person in Seattle, WA. The aim of this PDW is to stimulate and help develop research at the interface of organizational behavior and entrepreneurship.


      We invite researchers interested in participating to submit a short description of their research at the interface of OB and ENT that they seek to further develop. This can be a short research proposal, an extended summary of a study that you seek to develop for publication, or something that is in-between these two stages of research. At the PDW, you will receive feedback on your research from one of our expert panelists.


      Submissions should be no longer than 10 pages all included (12 font, 1 in margins, double-spaced) and received no later than June 1, 2022 (but we encourage submitting earlier). Submission should be send to Daan van Knippenberg .


      There is a cap on the number of participants this PDW is able to host. We will therefore select submissions based on fit with the PDW and quality, and follow up with an accept/reject decision asap after June 1. Please note that as with all AOM program activities, submitting your application implies a commitment to participate in the (in-person) session if accepted.

    • OB@AOM Research at the Intersection of Work and Volunteering

      This PDW is aimed at attracting scholars from various contributing disciplines, including Organizational Behavior, Human Resources, Public and Nonprofit Management, and Social Issues in Management. Research topics include, among others, corporate volunteering programs, volunteer management, and individual strategies for managing the intersection of work and volunteering. Our objectives are: (1) bringing together the inter-divisional research community focusing on work and volunteering; (2) supporting and developing ideas and manuscripts through feedback and discussions; (3) discussing ways forward and visions for the research community and the literature to which we contribute. Sections of the workshop will include an overview of the field of research, round-table discussions of pre-submitted papers and research ideas as well as a plenary discussion.



      We welcome working papers and extended abstracts (min. 1,500 words for abstracts) on the above topics, to be submitted to Bethania Antunes () by the deadline June 20, 2022. We will accept a maximum of 20 working papers/extended abstracts based on research relevance and quality.

    • OB@AOM 14th Annual OB Research Incubator

      We invite you to submit a research proposal for the 14th Annual OB Research Incubator, a Professional Development Workshop that provides an exciting opportunity for researchers to receive constructive feedback and guidance from senior OB scholars and ignite connections and ongoing dialogue around topics of common interest. This session is open to both junior and senior scholars who are conducting research on OB-related topics.


      During the virtual session, participants will meet in a small group setting with leading OB scholars, who will provide direct and specific feedback on your research project. Feedback will be particularly focused on helping you address the challenges you are currently facing in bringing a project to fruition.


      In order to increase engagement with the session and value of the feedback, proposals may be shared with the other participant(s) assigned to a specific facilitator. If you do not want your proposal shared this way, please specifically note that on the submission form.


      Please limit submissions to 6 double spaced pages (not including references) and include the following sections:


      • Brief abstract and four keywords

      • Overview of the research

      • Research topic

      • Conceptual framework

      • Research questions

      • Methods

      • Challenges (these are the areas on which you would like to focus discussion). Please list specific questions you'd like a facilitator to answer.

      • References


      Important: On the submission form, please identify up to 3 facilitators that you believe are best suited to provide guidance on your proposal.


      Please submit your research proposal by Monday, June 26, 2022, using the following webform (you will be able to edit your submission at any time prior to the deadline):



      Once your proposal is approved, we will send you the registration code. At that point, interested participants will need to register online at the AOM PDW website. To maintain an intimate setting, we will accept only a limited number of submissions based on the quality of the proposal, fit with the expertise of our facilitator panel, and timeliness.

    • OB@AOM OB Doctoral Student Consortium

      We are seeking nominations for the 2022 AOM OB Doctoral Student Consortium. The consortium will take place in-person at the Annual AOM conference on August 6, 2022 from 8:00AM - 6:30PM local time. The Organizational Behavior Doctoral Consortium is designed for students who are in the final year of their doctoral program (i.e., students who are currently on the job market and who have made significant progress on their dissertation/thesis research) and priority will be given to students who have made the most progress toward completing their Ph.D. program, but who have not yet defended their dissertations.


      The consortium includes a mix of presentations, panel discussions, and interactive sessions designed to launch doctoral students into their academic careers. Faculty presentations, interactive panels with journal editors, and roundtable sessions include topics such as crafting the right academic job, succeeding at research and publishing, and preparing for effective teaching, as well as other related topics.

      Nomination Requirements. The completed nomination should be submitted by the nominating department/school, via the survey below. Only nominations submitted via this survey will be considered.


      Typically, only one student per program can be accepted, though exceptions are made occasionally when two different supervisors from the same school both have students on the market in the same year.


      The following information must be provided:

      • The nominee’s one page vita/bio in PDF format (longer documents may be rejected). Please name the file with the nominee's last name followed by ShortCV (e.g., SmithShortCV.pdf).
      • The nominee’s one page summary of dissertation/thesis research in PDF format (title and abstract is fine; longer summaries may be rejected). Please name the file with the nominee's last name followed by Research (e.g., SmithResearch.pdf). Advisor/program chair endorsement.

      Nominations will only be accepted via the following Qualtrics survey:



      Nomination deadline: Sunday May 1, 2022 (11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time).


      For questions, please contact Oscar Holmes IV at or Elizabeth M. Campbell at


      We look forward to welcoming you to the OB Doctoral Consortium at AOM!


      Oscar Holmes IV and Elizabeth M. Campbell, Co-Chairs
    • OB@AOM 2022 AOM New Doctoral Student Consortium (NDSC)

      The 2022 New Doctoral Student Consortium (NDSC) is currently accepting registrants for its Professional Development Workshop (PDW) at the AOM Annual Meeting. Established in 1997, the NDSC is celebrating its 25th year as the only cross-disciplinary AOM Annual Meeting event designed specifically for rising first- and second-year doctoral students, as well as those considering the doctoral path. Open to members of all AOM divisions, this interactive session is designed to integrate participants into the AOM academic community and to provide a foundation for excelling in doctoral life. This year, the NDSC is embracing the return to in-person with multiple special sessions, a networking PDW, and free lunch.


      This event will be held in person at AOM on Saturday, August 6th in two parts:

      • Sessions & Lunch: 8:30am-4:30pm PT
      • Networking: 6:00-9:00pm PT

      Sessions will include:

      • Informational presentations on topics such as succeeding in a doctoral program, research and publications, and managing an academic career
      • Networking opportunities with fellow doctoral students and established scholars in small breakout groups
      • Opportunities to meet doctoral students from around the world with similar research interests and backgrounds - creating a sense of community within the larger AOM conference

      The deadline to register is June 19th, 2022 @ 11:59pm PT.   

      • Pre-registration is required for this workshop as space is limited to 110 participants. 
      • We recommend registering as soon as possible as spots have filled up very quickly in the past.    
      • Please note, registration does not guarantee you a spot. Places will be given based on a first-come-first-served basis with priority given to pre-doctoral, first- and second-year Ph.D. students (in that order).


      Here is the link to the Google Registration Form that participants need to complete for registration:  NDSC Registration Link 


      Registered participants will receive a confirmation e-mail with further guidance on how to enter the virtual session. In case of any questions, please reach out to us at


      Follow us on Instagram aom_ndsc and Twitter @AOM_NDSC for updates and information! Please join our AOMcommunity page for more information, FAQs, and to connect with your peers.   


      We look forward to seeing you online!  


      Best regards,  

      2022 NDSC Organizing Team  

    • OB@AOM 2022 Mid-Career Workshop: Post-Tenure Inflection Points

      The Organizational Behavior Division of the Academy of Management invites you to register for the 2022 Mid-Career Workshop, which will be held in-person on Friday, August 5th from 1pm to 4pm PDT in the the Seattle Convention Center, Room 310.

      What is the purpose?
      The workshop will provide a forum for attendees to connect with senior Faculty Fellows about
      navigating challenges and opportunities at the mid-career stage.

      What is the format?
      First, the Faculty Fellows will participate in panel discussions regarding issues relevant to
      attendees. Second, after the panel discussions, there will be small group breakouts, which will
      offer a forum to connect more personally with Faculty Fellows and to talk about issues of

      Who are the Faculty Fellows?
      We have a group of seven senior faculty members who will speak about their career experiences:

      1.     Gilad Chen, University of Maryland 

      2.     Miriam Erez, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

      3.     Alexandra Gerbasi, University of Exeter

      4.     Cristina Gibson, Pepperdine University

      5.     Yves Guillaume, University of Liverpool Management School

      6.     Bradley Kirkman, North Carolina State University

      7.     Meghna Virick, San Jose State University

      Who can attend?
      Faculty members who have recently made tenure (within the past 3 years) or are 9-10 years post-
      Ph.D. You should also be a member of the Organizational Behavior Division and must be
      registered for the AOM conference.

      Can I attend again?
      Yes! If you attended the virtual workshop last year, you may attend the in-person workshop
      again this year.

      How do I register?
      Registration is limited to 50 participants and the registration deadline is Wednesday June 29 th .
      We hope to see you in Seattle!

      Payal Sharma, U. of Nevada, Las Vegas (
      Cecily D. Cooper, U. of Miami
      Bella Ren, U. Pennsylvania
      Jerry Liu, Rutgers U.
    • New Meet the Scholar Video

      We have released the first episode of the Meet the Scholar series where Mike Johnsons interviews scholars who shape our discipline. In this first episode, he interviews Nancy Rothbard. If you are interested you can watch the full below or on Youtube by following the link.
    • OB@AOM: Organizational Behavior Junior Faculty Workshop

      We would like to invite you to register for the OB@AOM: Organizational Behavior Junior Faculty Workshop. The goal of the workshop is to provide a forum for junior faculty members to gain career advice from senior OB scholars (“Faculty Fellows”) about navigating careers challenges as well as a number of other topics. The goal of the workshop is to provide a forum for junior faculty members to gain career advice from senior OB scholars (“Faculty Fellows”) about navigating careers challenges as well as a number of other topics.

    • OB Division’s All Year Round PDW - Burnout and Work-Life Balance: AOM

      Learning to manage work and life outside of work continues to be one of the largest challenges for academics. Couple this recurrent struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic and it is easy to understand why we are currently facing a well-being crisis. In this PDW, we invite you to hear from leading scholars in the field about their own personal experiences of burnout and work-life balance as well as how they have navigated this tension in their own lives. Throughout the session, we will provide a safe space to connect with others, receive support, and workshop a personal game plan to manage these tensions and develop healthier strategies that focus on both preventing and managing burnout. Participants in this virtual PDW will also be invited to an in-person social at AOM 2022 in Seattle to reconnect with the speakers, panelists, and other attendees and reflect on their success in implementing their “academic well-being game plan.”
    • Apply to participate in the OB Division PDW Bridging Organizational Behavior and Entrepreneurship

      The OB Division, in collaboration with the ENT Division and sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation, organizes a PDW “Bridging Organizational Behavior and Entrepreneurship, for the 2022 AOM Annual Meeting, in-person in Seattle, WA. The aim of this PDW is to stimulate and help develop research at the interface of organizational behavior and entrepreneurship.


      We invite researchers interested in participating to submit a short description of their research at the interface of OB and ENT that they seek to further develop. This can be a short research proposal, an extended summary of a study that you seek to develop for publication, or something that is in-between these two stages of research.