• Webinar: #BlackLivesMatter in the Workplace

    You are invited to join us on April 27, 2021 from 9-10:30am PT

    This session will include a conversation with a panel of four senior-level practitioners from a variety of industries, each of whom has a unique perspective on racial inequality in the workplace. They will share their own personal journey that led them to this perspective, as well as how their organization is currently addressing racism. The conversation will include topics such as resources provided, day-to-day practices, avoiding tokenism, mentoring, and ensuring an inclusive environment. Panelists have agreed to reserve substantial time for an open discussion in which they address top of mind questions from the audience. Of particular interest is understanding the issues that are ripe for future research and curriculum in Business Schools. Hear directly from those with experience in a variety of workplaces the most pressing challenges confronting workers today.

    To see the list of panelists as well as to register in advance for the event, please go to this page:
  • Recording of "#BlackLivesMatter in the Academy: An Anti-Bias Lens on OB Research"

    On February 22, 2021 the OB Executive Division hosted a webinar called "#BlackLivesMatter in the Academy: An Anti-Bias Lens on OB Research"

    A recording of this webinar is now available on our 2020-21 Spotlight webpage focused on Racial Inequality and Systemic Racism.

    This session explores the expression of race or ethnicity-based bias in the research process as it informs responses to author teams, research topics, research samples, and research methods in OB. The session is structured around, first, the reflections of panelists with great experience as editors, reviewers, and authors and their answers to a series of questions addressing these issues, and, second, break-out discussion exploring the actions we may take as a field to address these issues.