2020 Laura Morgan Roberts

Laura Morgan Roberts
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This year, the OB Division established a new award: The OB Division Award for Societal Impact. This objective of this award is to recognize and incentivize scholarly work in organizational behavior with societal impact. Such work is both scientifically credible and useful to society; it produces societally beneficial knowledge that aims to make the world a better place. This award recognizes a body of work, rather than a single conference submission or published article.

The 2020 recipient of the Mentorship Award is Laura Morgan Roberts!

Laura is a Professor at the University of Virginia

The committee had many wonderful things to say about Award Winner Laura Morgan Roberts, including:

“The award for societal impact requires that a nominee translate their academic insights to the world of practice for the betterment of people’s lives. Laura Morgan Roberts’ work has achieved this by helping to shape how individuals can (re)construe their social identities to be seen more fully and holistically at work. She brings a powerful combination of top-notch academic work that tackles issues of structural injustice, racism and sexism, and widespread impact on the world of practice. Beyond her professional achievements, she seems to embody the spirit of this award. Her developmental focus and collaborative endeavors have inspired junior and senior scholars alike, both personally and professionally.”

Congratulations, Laura!  And thank you to the award committee: Abbie Shipp, Texas Christian University (Chair); Bernard Coleman, Gusto (formerly of Uber); Morela Hernandez, University of Virginia-Darden; Laura Huang, Harvard Business School; Jennifer Kurkoski, Google.