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PDW- The Dynamics of Crisis Leadership: Developing a Research Agenda -Session 244

  • 1.  PDW- The Dynamics of Crisis Leadership: Developing a Research Agenda -Session 244

    Posted 07-21-2021 14:55
    PDW – The Dynamics of Crisis Leadership: Developing a Research Agenda – Session 244
    July 31, 2021- 08:30-9:30 EDT


    Karleen F. Giannitrapani, Stanford University.
    Zhanna Novikov, Stanford University
    Eric McNulty, MA – Harvard University


    Attila J. Hertelendy, Florida International University
    Michelle Fleig-Palmer, University of Saint Francis
    Tracy H. Porter, Cleveland State University


    Cheryl Mitchell, University of Victoria




     The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic precipitated upheaval across the globe in the public health, government, and economic arenas as well as broader society. Across the board, leaders' responses to addressing these challenges many times were not adequate to addressing the crises and only served to cause more pain and suffering. The tragic events of 2020 and 2021 highlight the necessity of an in-depth understanding of crisis leadership. There is an urgent need to develop a research agenda around crisis leadership, an emerging field, in order to support leaders in providing more effective leadership during crises such as pandemics. This professional development workshop (PDW) offers the opportunity to discuss and collaborate on how to build a research agenda in the area of crisis leadership.

     This PDW will begin with a brief overview of a scoping literature review of research on crisis leadership. A three-part panel of international and interdisciplinary scholars and practitioners will use their research lens perspective to identify new perspectives in researching crisis leadership.

     After a Q & A session with the panelists, participants will then move to breakout sessions where they can explore a research agenda in crisis leadership in more depth. Overall, participants in this PDW will benefit from the wide variety of international and interdisciplinary perspectives to stimulate creative approaches to a research agenda on crisis leadership.

     In the breakout room session participants will be able to discuss with the panelists in small groups. The break out groups will be facilitated by:

    Abi Sriharan, University of Toronto
    Jane Banaszak-Holl, Monash University
    Sara Singer, Stanford University
    Jennifer Gutberg, University of Toronto


    The PDW is a synchronous live open session, and will have the following format:

    Panel session (90 min): open to all participants

    To participate in the panel session, please register using the AOM conference website (session #244)



    For any questions please contact  Attila J. Hertelendy at ahertele@fiu.edu

    Attila J. Hertelendy
    College of Business
    Florida International University
    Miami FL