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  • 1.  Twitter Historical Data

    Posted 02-25-2022 22:08

    I have a research project that involves getting Twitter posts and hashtags from 2018 to 2020. 
    Does someone know how to get this data? Unfortunately, Twitter API just makes available data from the last 7 days.

    Manuela Santos 

  • 2.  RE: Twitter Historical Data

    Posted 03-01-2022 12:00

    Look into Web Scraping tools. There are many out there and some people do that professionally. 


    Serena Sohrab
    Ontario Tech University
    Oshawa ON

  • 3.  RE: Twitter Historical Data

    Posted 03-01-2022 15:27
    Hi Manuela,
    Not sure if you got this Twitter question answered - one of my lab mates at Claremont Graduate University (Shine Kim) is also using Twitter data, and she's had great success with API v2: https://developer.twitter.com/en/products/twitter-api
    It looks like researchers have to sign up for it and provide any info Twitter requires, and from there it's fairly easy to gain access that dates back a while.
    Best of luck to you!

    Cecelia Dotzler, MS, MBA
    Doctoral Student
    Claremont Graduate University