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Call for Abstracts: AOM Symposium on Meaningful Work in Educational Workplaces

  • 1.  Call for Abstracts: AOM Symposium on Meaningful Work in Educational Workplaces

    Posted 12-03-2021 08:17

    Dear Colleagues,

    We are organizing a presenter symposium on Meaningful Work in Educational Workplaces, intended to submit to the 82nd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management in Seattle, WA August 5-9, 2022. We invite you to submit a paper to the symposium.

    'Meaningful work' has been defined by Rosso et al. (2010: 95) as a "work experienced as particularly significant and holding more positive meaning for individuals". Previous studies have shown that meaningful work is beneficial for employees' well-being (Arnold et al., 2007), job satisfaction (Scroggins, 2008; Steger et al., 2012), and work engagement (Olivier & Rothmann, 2007; Steger et al., 2013). Meaningful work has also been associated with reduced burnout (Malach Pines, 2002) and less intentions to quit (Scroggins, 2008). However, recent research on educational workplaces shows that these workplaces are perceived as stressful (Lensen et al., 2021; Olsen, 1993) and insecure (Bristow et al., 2017; Rosenblatt & Ruvio, 1996). These troubling findings may indicate employees' difficulties in achieving meaningful work.

    The proposed symposium focuses on meaningful work in educational workplaces (i.e. kindergartens, schools and higher education institutions). More specifically, it concentrates on the perspectives of the employees (such as teachers, researchers and other staff).  

    If interested, please send an initial abstract to hayutay@gmail.com and nairvivek@iitd.ac.in by December 10th, 2021.

    Important deadlines:

    • December 10th: Initial short Abstract
    • December 14th: Decision on Abstract.
    • December 23rd: Extended Abstract (2-5 synopsis of the paper)
    • January 4th: Revised Detailed Abstract according to the feedback of the organizers
    • January 11th: Symposium submission by organizers
    • End of March: Notification of Acceptance of the Symposium by AOM
    • July 15th:  Paper submission for the Symposium Discussant to read before the conference.

    We are looking forward to receiving your abstracts.

    Best regards,

    Hayuta Yinon (Israel) and Vivek G. Nair (India)


    Hayuta Yinon
    Oranim College of Education