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Co-operative principles-oriented HR practices and employee attitudes

  • 1.  Co-operative principles-oriented HR practices and employee attitudes

    Posted 11-13-2021 07:54
    "As member-controlled businesses co-operatives employ democratic principles that put people first. By placing human need at their centre, rather than profit, co-operatives overcome short-termism and introduce real choice in how business is done." (Co-operatives put people first)

    Despite clear objectives regarding the central role of people in co-operative governance, still not enough research has been devoted to HRM in co-operatives. My research team is preparing scales to examine HR practices oriented towards the implementation of co-operative principles. We invite researchers in the field of HRM/OB to collaborate in developing the research tool and testing it in different countries and types of co-operatives.

    If you are interested, please contact me directly via e-mail: przemyslaw.piasecki@ue.poznan.pl
    More about us and our past projects: https://cutt.ly/flBnG4f

    Best regards,
    Przemysław Piasecki

    Przemyslaw Piasecki
    Assistant Professor
    Poznan University of Economics and Business