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Deadline extended: call for papers APIR special issue on how entrepreneurs influence their social environment

  • 1.  Deadline extended: call for papers APIR special issue on how entrepreneurs influence their social environment

    Posted 09-27-2022 14:38

    Dear Colleagues,


    Please note that the deadline for submissions for the special issue in Applied Psychology: An International Review titled "How do entrepreneurs influence their social environment? New Psychological Perspectives". has been extended to October 31, 2022. You can find the full text of the call for papers in the journal website: https://iaap-journals.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/hub/journal/14640597/homepage/call_for_papers.

    We look forward to receiving your submissions.


    The guest-editors, 

    Marjan Gorgievski, Antje Schmitt, Sílvia Costa and Safal Batra

    Rationale for the special issue

    Entrepreneurs' social environments are a rich and intriguing field of investigation. With this special issue, we encourage scholars to investigate the interactions between entrepreneurs and their social environment from a multilevel and temporal perspective. The social environment may include entrepreneurs' proximal environment, such as their employees, management teams, entrepreneurial team members, and individuals in entrepreneurs' personal social sphere. It may also include entrepreneurs' institutional environments, such as stakeholders, suppliers, customers, or financers. This special issue uses a loose definition of entrepreneurs as an umbrella term for people who own and manage a business. For the specific contributions, authors are expected to specify their sample. We encourage various submission types, including experiments, intervention studies, experience sampling study designs, experimental vignette studies, longitudinal studies, qualitative/mixed methodologies, systematic literature reviews, and conceptual papers.

    Suggested themes and example questions include the following:

    • How do entrepreneurs' attitudes towards human resource management or diversity beliefs and the way these translate into practices influence their employees' quality of work, motivation, well-being, and performance?
    • How do the founders' dispositional affect and positive and negative emotional states impact their employees' performance and well-being?
    • How do the entrepreneurs' decisions and actions, such as entrepreneurial goal disengagement or exit, portfolio entrepreneurship, or entrepreneurial orientation impact their employees' well-being and cognitive, affective, and behavioral outcomes?
    • How do entrepreneurs' attributes, such as entrepreneurial passion, values, commitment to the firm and charisma, influence the performance and relationship quality in entrepreneurial teams?
    • How do entrepreneurs' skills and attributes interact with their co-owners' skills and attributes to predict entrepreneurial team outcomes or entrepreneurial team formation?
    • Which attributes of entrepreneurs' contexts, such as the societal or organizational culture and formal institutions, influence the interactions between entrepreneurs and their employees and/ or family members?
    • How do entrepreneurs' boundary management styles influence work-home interference and relationship quality across different stages of the entrepreneurial process?
    • How do entrepreneurs' positive (e.g., happiness, pride) and negative (e.g., envy, fear) affects and emotions impact the creation of an ecosystem of entrepreneurship?
    • How can entrepreneurs shape or influence characteristics of their ecosystems, such as the diversity, norms, expectations, and beliefs?
    Submission instructions
    The deadline for submission of manuscripts has been extended to October 31, 2022. All manuscripts are expected to follow the Applied Psychology: An International Review submission guidelines and are subject to a double-blind academic review process. Please direct any questions regarding the Special Issue to the guest editors: Dr. Marjan Gorgievski, Dr. Antje Schmitt, Dr. Sílvia Costa and Dr. Safal Batra (apir.entrepreneur@gmail.com). Interested authors are encouraged to submit a brief abstract of their intended submission for preliminary feedback about the potential fit with the special issue.

    Marjan Gorgievski
    Erasmus University Rotterdam
    Rotterdam Netherlands