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Free Download: Special Issue Emotional Labor and Service

  • 1.  Free Download: Special Issue Emotional Labor and Service

    Posted 11-24-2021 12:43

    Dear Colleagues,

    Service Management Review (SMR) is pleased to offer open access for one month to its just-released special issue on emotional labor and service.

    The special issue guest editors, Andrea Fischbach and Benjamin Schneider, have assembled an insightful set of articles covering the roles of employees, customers, and the service context in the emotional labor experiences of all parties to the Moment of Truth (MOT).  Did you know that customers also experience emotional labor-and how to conceptualize and measure it? Did you know the complex role of leadership in creating a positive emotional labor experience for employees-and the positive performance consequences the follow for work units? Did you know that the personal attributes of employees (their customer orientation and their organizational identification) get reflected in the way they serve customers? Did you know that a positive service climate has consequences for the emotional labor behavior and outcomes for both employees and customers? 

    Read about these topics and research on them plus an overview of the issue by clicking on this link to obtain free and open access to the special issue for the next month: https://bit.ly/30USaBk

    Best regards,

    Andrea Fischbach and Benjamin Schneider

    Andrea Fischbach
    DHPol German Police University
    +49 2501 806399