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QUASI archives available

  • 1.  QUASI archives available

    Posted 05-16-2022 12:42
    Last Friday, I moderated a QUASI seminar featuring Georges Enderle, Rajshree Agarwal, Amitava Dutt, and John Allison (former president of the Cato Institute). We had a fiery debate on the question, "Should companies reduce income inequality?" The full video, transcript, slides, and reading list are available on the QUASI website

    That was the final QUASI seminar. It's been an enjoyable and insightful two years, and a great coping mechanism for this seemingly endless pandemic. But it's time to move on, as hopefully this damn COVID-19 will eventually do as well.

    I want to thank the great academics and practitioners who have been a part of the seminar series, and the audiences who have turned out in unexpectedly large numbers, both live and in later viewership of the archives. Please note that the archives will remain -- you can freely see all of the videos and associated materials of all the QUASI seminars on the website. Many have told me that these archives are useful resources for doctoral students, among others, so I hope you're able to get maximum use out of them.

    Please also be on the lookout for the Summer 2022 special issue of Rutgers Business Review. It features articles that outline most of the debates from the 2020-21 QUASI seminar series. It'll be out within a month or so, and entirely open access.


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