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The Leadership Quarterly: Issue 3 of 2023

  • 1.  The Leadership Quarterly: Issue 3 of 2023

    Posted 05-30-2023 21:30

    Hi everyone:

    Here is the third issue of LQ 2023 with some great articles that span micro and macro areas. Please enjoy!


    Editorial Board


    CEO political liberalism, stakeholders, and firms' support for LGBT employees

    David H. Weng, You-Ta Chuang, Chris Zhang, Robin Church


    The effect of charismatic leaders on followers' memory, error detection, persuasion and prosocial behavior: A cognitive science approach

    Lara H. Engelbert, Michiel van Elk, Michal Kandrik, Jan Theeuwes, Mark van Vugt


    The triangulation of ethical leader signals using qualitative, experimental, and data science methods

    George C. Banks, Roxanne Ross, Allison A. Toth, Scott Tonidandel, Atefeh Mahdavi Goloujeh, Wenwen Dou, Ryan Wesslen


    The face of wrongdoing? An expectancy violations perspective on CEO facial characteristics and media coverage of misconducting firms

    Mariano L.M. Heyden, Jun Gu, Heidi M. Wechtler, Udari I.K. Ekanayake


    CEO health

    Matti Keloharju, Samuli Knüpfer, Joacim Tåg


    On the scientific study of small samples: Challenges confronting quantitative and qualitative methodologies

    Rose McDermott


    Causal inference with observational data: A tutorial on propensity score analysis

    Kaori Narita, J.D. Tena, Claudio Detotto


    All the best,


    George C. Banks, Ph.D.
    Chair, Department of Management | Affiliate Faculty School of Data Science
    Editor-in-Chief, The Leadership Quarterly
    Co-director, Center for Leadership Science | Research activities
    Deputy Title IX Coordinator-Office of Civil Rights and Title IX