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Servant Leadership PDI at Southern Management Association

  • 1.  Servant Leadership PDI at Southern Management Association

    Posted 20 days ago

    At the Southern Management Association Conference, the editorial team of a special issue on servant leadership which will appear in Group & Organization Management in 2025, will be running a PDI on the special issue. 

    This PDI will bring together early and experienced scholars to develop and support nascent research projects, benefiting both new researchers and leadership research in general.

    To learn more about this special issue, reference the following link:


    Workshop participants who wish to contribute project ideas for discussion at roundtables are invited (but not required) to submit a 5-page project proposal describing their proposed research and its unique and important contribution to the field of servant leadership. 

    To submit a research idea for discussion at the PDI, please e-mail Jarvis Smallfield at small3j@cmich.edu or James Lemoine at jlemoine@buffalo.edu.

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