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Seeking Unpublished Studies on Organizational Citizenship Behaviors and Subjective Well-Being

  • 1.  Seeking Unpublished Studies on Organizational Citizenship Behaviors and Subjective Well-Being

    Posted 01-05-2023 15:50
    My dearest colleagues,
    We (Louis Tay, Victoria Scotney, Daphne Hou) are conducting a meta-analysis on the relationship between Organizational Citizenship Behaviors and Subjective Well-Being. Concerning OCBs, we are considering all instances/form of prosocial behaviors within an organizational context (e.g., OCB-Is, OCB-Os, Altruism, Courtesy, etc). For Subjective Well-Being, we are using Diener's tripartite conceptualization (positive affect, negative affect, life satisfaction) and these measures can be general or within the work context (e.g., positive affect at work). Further, we are including just about all study designs (e.g., cross-section, longitudinal, ESM). 
    As this is an attempt to gather more "grey literature," we're hoping that you might have any unpublished (e.g., conference presentations, working papers, unpublished manuscripts) or recently published (e.g., new articles, recently completed dissertations) that you could send us. 
    If you have something you think we could use, it would be great if you could send along the following:

    1. Effect size estimate (we're primarily using r) between all study variables (e.g., intercorrelations between multiple measures of OCBs/SWB, OCB<->SWB correlations)
    2. Sample Size and # of responses (for ESM studies)
    3. Scale Information (e.g., the scale used, the items if you have them, reliabilities)
    4. Study Design
      • If longitudinal, please send the duration between measurement occasions)
      • If ESM/EMA, please send information on the timing of the measurements (e.g., did PA get measures before or after OCBs)
    5. The Country data was collected in, the average Age of the sample, and the gender breakdown of the sample. 
    6. How you'd like your work to be cited. 
    You can send this information directly to me (ChrisWiese@gatech.edu).
    Thanks a lot for your help with this research endeavor!

    Chris W. Wiese, Ph.D.
    I-O Area Director
    Assistant Professor
    School of Psychology
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    654 Cherry Street Northwest
    JS Coon 229
    Atlanta, GA 30313