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Search Relevant Data/Papers for Work-Family Meta-analysis

  • 1.  Search Relevant Data/Papers for Work-Family Meta-analysis

    Posted 04-01-2024 13:44

    Dear Colleagues,

    Kristen Shockley and I are working on a follow up to our 2017 work-family conflict and gender meta-analysis. We are looking for effect sizes of the following relationships reported SEPARATELY for men and women: work-to-family conflict/family-to-work conflict and various outcomes: life satisfaction, job satisfaction, family satisfaction, marital satisfaction, mental health (including depression, anxiety, psychological distress), physical health (including general measures and physical health symptom checklists), engagement, burnout, and perceived stress.

    If you have unpublished data that has these relationships OR published data that has this information available but it isn't in the published version (i.e., you have the variables and could compute correlations separately by gender using the raw data) and are willing to share the effect sizes we'd greatly appreciate it! You can send this information to Winny Shen at wshen88@schulich.yorku.ca

    Winny Shen
    Schulich School of Business, York University
    Toronto ON
    4167362100 ext. 33610