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Qualitative Research Crafts/Routines Workshop: Call for PDW Applicants

  • 1.  Qualitative Research Crafts/Routines Workshop: Call for PDW Applicants

    Posted 05-10-2023 09:37


    The Alchemy of Qualitative Research: Crafts and Routines

    Professional Development Workshop

    2023 Academy of Management Annual Meeting

    4-8 August 2023 in Boston, MA, USA


    We are excited to be putting on a Professional Development Workshop (sponsored by the Research Methods Division) focused on supporting scholars who are relatively new to qualitative methods. Motivated by our 2022 AOM panel symposium "A Junior Scholar's Guide to Navigating the Trials and Triumphs of Qualitative Research," we aim to support and develop scholars who are just starting to dip their toes into qualitative methods through an opportunity to (i) hear from experts in qualitative research on their crafts and routines for conducting qualitative research, including their idiosyncratic practices that are generally not shared in publications, and (ii) gain personalized feedback on their projects from fellow qualitative researchers. All in all, this PDW will consist three parts:


    1. Introduction to the idea of "the alchemy of qualitative research"

    2. Panel discussions by expert qualitative researchers  – Charlotte Cloutier, Spencer Harrison, Majken Schultz, and John Paul Stephens – on their own "crafts and routines" followed by a discussion amongst all speakers/organizers and a Q&A from the audience.

    3. Research development roundtables facilitated by the featured speakers and workshop organizers targeting scholars relatively new to qualitative research to support their qualitative research at their respective stages of development. Participants need to submit a 2-page document with an abstract of current or upcoming project and a statement that outlines their most pressing challenges.



    • 4-8 August 2023 (exact date/time will be updated when set)

    • In-person in Boston, MA, USA

    • A select few roundtable spots are available for virtual participation. If you cannot attend in person and would still like to participate, please apply and let us know.


    More information on AOM 2023 can be found here: https://aom.org/events/annual-meeting


    *The feature presentations/discussions are open to anyone attending AOM 2023, but the roundtables will be limited to those that have applied with submissions and been accepted.


    Roundtable Facilitators (Speakers* and Organizers)

    • Charlotte Cloutier, HEC Montreal*

    • Eliana Crosina, Babson College

    • Spencer Harrison, INSEAD*

    • Tiffany Johnson, Georgia Tech

    • Kam Phung, Simon Fraser U.

    • Alexandra Rheinhardt, U. Connecticut

    • Anna Roberts, U. Bath

    • Majken Schultz, Copenhagen Business School*

    • John Paul Stephens, Case Western Reserve U.*

    • Sarah Wittman, George Mason U.


    • Part 1 - Introduction to the PDW and topic of alchemy of qualitative research - 5 Min

    • Part 2 - Presentations/Discussion ft. Charlotte Cloutier, Spencer Harrison, Majken Schultz, and John Paul Stephens - 55 Min

    • Part 3 - Roundtables/Breakout sessions with expert facilitators (open to participants with pre-accepted submissions only) - 60 Min


    Apply now 

    Applications to participate in research development roundtables are now open. If you're interested in participating, please submit a 2 page document with an abstract of a current or upcoming project and a statement that outlines your most pressing challenges. Your statement will be shared with the facilitators and participants at your assigned table. Please send statements to: aomqualalchemy@gmail.com 


    The deadline to apply is 1 July, 2023  but applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. We have a limited number of spots available, so we encourage you to apply early. A waitlist will be maintained. Any updates to this call for applications will appear here: https://bit.ly/426Ozu9 



    We look forward to seeing you!


    Eliana Crosina, Tiffany D. Johnson, Kam Phung

    Alex Rheinhardt, Anna Roberts, and Sarah Wittman


    Alchemy of Qualitative Research PDW Organizers

    2023 Academy of Management Meeting

    Tiffany D. Johnson, PhD
    Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior
    Scheller College of Business
    Georgia Tech