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Organizational Design Community (ODC) webinar on organization design excellence

  • 1.  Organizational Design Community (ODC) webinar on organization design excellence

    Posted 19 days ago

    The Organizational Design Community (ODC) invites you to the following webinar:

    Accelerating the Path to Becoming an Organization Design Practitioner: Accenture's experience in Building a Global Team

    Amy Kates, Shikha Tyagi, Bernd Mueller

    Accenture Plc

    15th Feb 2024, Thursday at 9 am Eastern Standard Time

    Organization design excellence requires a mastery of theory, models, frameworks, and tools as well as excellent consulting skills for working with senior executives. When Kates Kesler was acquired by Accenture in 2020, we were challenged with taking our 10-member boutique firm and scaling our craft to create a global practice. We now have a team of 150 practitioners in our Operating Model & Organization Design practice, all using the same methodology built on Jay Galbraith's Star Model. In this webinar, Amy Kates will share how we accelerated the development of our practitioners through the combination of learning, coaching, and feedback. Shikha Tyagi will share her experience in using the Kates Kesler methodology with life science clients through a case example. Bernd Mueller will share the perspective of a consultant learning the methodology on an accelerated path. This webinar will be of interest to anyone looking to fast-track their own learning process as well as those tasked with developing others in the field.

    About the Speakers: 

    Amy Kates

    Amy is a Senior Managing Director at Accenture, based in New York, and the founder of Kates Kesler. She has also served as an ODC Board and Advisory Board member. Currently, she is the Chair of the OCD Advisory Board.

    Shikha Tyagi

    Shikha is a Managing Director in Accenture's OM&OD practice and leads the Life Sciences Enterprise operating model offering for Europe, Middle East & Africa.

    Bernd Mueller

    Bernd is a Senior Consultant in Accenture's OM&OD practice, based in Zurich and focused on the Pharmaceutical industry. He has leveraged the Kates Kesler methodology for numerous projects, ranging from functional to enterprise transformations.

    Register here: https://orgdesigncomm.com/event-5592784/Registration

    Registration closes on 14th February, 10 am (Eastern Time)

    The live webinar is open to the public. The recorded webinar is only available for ODC members.

    Come join us!

    Karin Hoisl
    University of Mannheim & Copenhagen Business School