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Next Issues of Research in HRM

  • 1.  Next Issues of Research in HRM

    Posted 05-17-2023 12:12

    Hello everyone, 

    We have planned the next four issues of Research in HRM (RHRM) and will post calls for papers for two of them in early 2024. We give authors one year to complete and submit their papers. Please know that we have plans for the following special issues: I'm posting the topics for special issues so you can plan manuscripts on the topics. 

    1. Native American and indigenous persons' work issues    (Lead Editor: Dianna Stone)  (papers due Nov 1, 2023, send proposals right away)  
    2. Employee dignity and well being (Lead Editor: Brian Murray)
    3. Emerging Technologies in HRM (Lead Editor: Kimberly Lukaszewski) 

    The next two special issues do not have a time frame set yet. 

    4. Employee Benefits (Lead Editor: Steve Werner) 
    5. Research Methods (Lead Editor: Patrick Rosopa) 

    Note that RHRM is a peer review research series that publishes at least one issue per year. Please send questions to Dianna Stone diannastone2015@gmail.com

    Best Regards,