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New Issue: The Future of HRM

  • 1.  New Issue: The Future of HRM

    Posted 12-03-2023 16:40
    We just sent the issue below to Information  Age Publishers. It should be published in early 2024. 

    Research in Human Resource Management:
    The Future of Human  Resource Management

    CHAPTER 1             Human resource management ambidexterity: Managing for the present and                                           positioning for the future


                                        Brian Murray, James H. Dulebohn, Dianna L. Stone, Kimberly M.                                                         Lukaszewski


    CHAPTER 2               The COVID-19 pandemic: Ten lessons for the future of human resource                                               management


    Jack C. Friedrich, Ryszard J. Koziel, Hannes Zacher, Cort W. Rudolph


    CHAPTER 3               Working from home in the 21st century: How COVID-19 changed telework


                                         Stephanie C. Payne, Rebecca J. Thompson, Toby Driggs, Allison Vollentine,                                       Tomika W. Greer


    CHAPTER 4               Motivated trust in AI: An integrative model considering multiple stakeholder                                       views in HRM


    Guido Hertel, Sandra L. Fisher, Jenna A. Van Fossen


    CHAPTER 5               The advantages and disadvantages of using artificial intelligence in human                                           resource management


    Richard Johnson, Kimberly M. Lukaszewski, Dianna L. Stone


    CHAPTER 6               Simply applying artificial intelligence? On the methodological suitability of                                         machine learning in HR analytics


    Stefan Strohmeier


    CHAPTER 7               Human resources analytics in theory and practice


                                         Antonio L. García-Izquierdo, David Aguado, María Jesús Belizón, Ana M.                                           Castaño, Mónica Zuazua Vega


    CHAPTER 8               Considerations for the future of human resource management: Cultivating a                                         sense of belonging in the aging workforce


                                         Timothy A. Oxendahl, Karyssa A. Courey, Makai A. Ruffin, Elisa S. M.                                                Fattoracci, Eden B. King


    CHAPTER 9               Employing a neurodiverse workforce: Considerations for human resource                                             management


    Satoris S. Howes, Ludmila N. Praslova


    CHAPTER 10             The working wounded: HRM practices to support bereaved employees


    Diane M. Bergeron


    CHAPTER 11             The female future of HRM and its implications for the occupation's status


    Isabella Scheibmayr, Astrid Reichel


    CHAPTER 12             Seven strategies to reduce gender disparities through the generative                                                       interaction framework


                                         Makai A. Ruffin, Karyssa A. Courey, Dillon Stewart, Mikki Hebl, Leilani                                           Seged, Meredith A. Townsend, Jordyn Williams


    CHAPTER 13             Advancing sexual and sex-based harassment theory and intervention: A                                                 power and threat perspective


    Margaret S. Stockdale, Samantha C. O. Stalion


    CHAPTER 14             Toward a relational theory for the HR function research


    Jinhwan Jo, Clint Chadwick


    CHAPTER 15             Minimizing inappropriate behavior following goal setting


    Gary P. Latham, Guy Itzchakov

    We regret that we cannot share copies of the articles because we transferred the copyright to Information Age Publishing. 

    Best Regards,

    Dianna Stone