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Latest Issue of the Journal of Applied Psychology

  • 1.  Latest Issue of the Journal of Applied Psychology

    Posted 06-28-2022 00:29

    Journal of Applied Psychology - Vol. 107, Issue 7 TOC

    Apologies for cross-postings. I am pleased to share with you all the seventh issue of 2022 at Journal of Applied Psychology. This issue includes 2 integrative conceptual reviews, 7 feature articles, and 1 research report. Below, you will find titles, author information, DOI links, and keywords of this issue.

    Integrative Conceptual Review

    Are There Cracks in Our Foundation? An Integrative Review of Diversity Issues in Job Analysis

    Nicole Strah and Deborah E. Rupp


    Keywords: diversity, inclusion, bias, discrimination, job analysis

    A Review and Theoretical Framework for Understanding External Team Contexts

    Robert E. Ployhart, Donald J. (DJ) Schepker, and Lynn A. McFarland


    Keywords: context, teams and groups, top-management teams

    Feature Articles

    Justice Change Matters: Approach and Avoidance Mechanisms Underlying the Regulation of Justice Over Time

    Xiao-min Xu, Danyang Du, Russell E. Johnson, and Chang-qin Lu


    Keywords: self-regulation, change, approach/avoidance, organizational justice, group engagement model

    Balancing Work and Family: A Theoretical Explanation and Longitudinal Examination of Its Relation to Spillover and Role Functioning

    Julie Holliday Wayne, Jesse S. Michel, and Russell A. Matthews


    Keywords: enrichment, balance, satisfaction, performance, work–family conflict

    Dealing With New Members: Team Members' Reactions to Newcomer's Attractiveness and Sex

    Sung Won Min, Stephen E. Humphrey, Federico Aime, Oleg V. Petrenko, Matthew J. Quade, and Sherry (Qiang) Fu


    Keywords: sex, teams, team dynamics, physical attractiveness

    Ethical Conflict: Conceptualization, Measurement, and an Examination of Consequences

    Michael E. Brown, Ryan M. Vogel, and Mustafa Akben


    Keywords: ethical conflict, interpersonal conflict, behavioral ethics

    Is It Time to Update and Expand Training Motivation Theory? A Meta-Analytic Review of Training Motivation Research in the 21st Century

    Seunghoo Chung, Yuhan Zhan, Raymond A. Noe, and Kaifeng Jiang


    Keywords: learning, meta-analysis, training motivation, motivation to learn

    Gender-Contingent Effects of Leadership on Loneliness

    Wei Jee Ong


    Keywords: leadership, loneliness, gender, authenticity, role congruity

    What Does It Cost You to Get There? The Effects of Emotional Journeys on Daily Outcomes

    Emma L. Frank, Fadel K. Matta, Tyler B. Sabey, and Jessica B. Rodell


    Keywords: affect, depletion, emotion regulation, affect shift, experience sampling methodology

    Research Reports

    Does Educational Attainment Promote Job Satisfaction? The Bittersweet Trade-offs Between Job Resources, Demands, and Stress

    Brittany C. Solomon, Boris N. Nikolaev, and Dean A. Shepherd


    Keywords: education, stress, job satisfaction, job demands-resources (JD-R) model

    Lillian Eby
    The Univ of Georgia
    Athens GA