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Latest Issue of the Journal of Applied Psychology

  • 1.  Latest Issue of the Journal of Applied Psychology

    Posted 05-25-2022 00:55

    Journal of Applied Psychology - Vol. 107, Issue 6 TOC

    Apologies for cross-postings. I am pleased to share with you all the sixth issue of 2022 at Journal of Applied Psychology. This issue includes 1 integrative conceptual review, 6 feature articles, and 2 research reports. Below, you will find titles, author information, DOI links, and keywords of this issue.

    Integrative Conceptual Review

    Resilience in Organization-Related Research: An Integrative Conceptual Review Across Disciplines and Levels of Analysis

    Sebastian Raetze, Stephanie Duchek, M. Travis Maynard, and Michael Wohlgemuth


    Keywords: organization-related resilience, integrative review, conceptual review, bibliometric analysis, multilevel analysis

    Feature Articles

    When Discretionary Boundary Spanning Relationships Cease Becoming Discretionary: The Impact of Closed Ties on Informal Leadership Perceptions

    Zhiya (Alice) Guo, Ralph A. Heidl, John R. Hollenbeck, Andrew Yu, and Michael Howe


    Keywords: Simmelian Tie Theory, discretionary boundary spanning, informal leadership, inter-unit coordination

    Relational Aspects of Vicarious Retribution: Evidence From Professional Baseball

    Xing Zhang, Tat Y. Chan, and William P. Bottom


    Keywords: conflict, retribution, relationships

    Risqué Business? Interpersonal Anxiety and Humor in the #MeToo Era

    Jamie L. Gloor, Cecily D. Cooper, Lynn Bowes-Sperry, and Nitya Chawla


    Keywords: gender, humor, hiring, interpersonal anxiety, intergroup relations

    The Positive and Negative Effects of Social Status on Ratings of Voice Behavior: A Test of Opposing Structural and Psychological Pathways

    Sijun Kim, Elizabeth J. McClean, Sarah P. Doyle, Nathan P. Podsakoff, Eric Lin, and Todd Woodruff


    Keywords: voice behavior, social status, image risk, network centrality, team interpersonal relationship quality

    One Tie to Capture Advice and Friendship: Leader Multiplex Centrality Effects on Team Performance Change

    Ronald Clarke, Andreas W. Richter, and Martin Kilduff


    Keywords: embeddedness, leadership, social networks, multiplex centrality, team performance change

    How and When Service Beneficiaries' Gratitude Enriches Employees' Daily Lives

    Pok Man Tang, Remus Ilies, Sherry S. Y. Aw, Katrina Jia Lin, Randy Lee, and Chiara Trombini


    Keywords: perceived gratitude, relational energy, occupational identity, work– family spillover

    Research Reports

    Protecting Their Turf: When and Why Supervisors Undermine Employee Boundary Spanning

    Julija N. Mell, Eric Quintane, Giles Hirst, and Andrew Carnegie


    Keywords: territoriality, boundary spanning, supervisor undermining, advice seeking

    Embeddedness and Perceived Oneness: Examining the Effects of Job Embeddedness and Its Trajectory on Employee Proactivity via an Identification Perspective

    Junchao (Jason) Li, Terence R. Mitchell, Thomas W. Lee, Marion B. Eberly, and Lihua Shi


    Keywords: proactivity, trajectory, job embeddedness, organizational identification, field theory

    Lillian Eby
    The Univ of Georgia
    Athens GA