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JBP Table of Contents and Award

  • 1.  JBP Table of Contents and Award

    Posted 19 days ago

    Dear Colleagues

    Below you will find our newest table of contents, new editors, award winning reviewers, and award winning papers.  And, here ie  the open-science online repository associated with articles we pbulish (e.g., materials, measures, and in some cases data can be found).  



    Improving Reactions to Forced-Choice Personality Measures in Simulated Job Application Contexts Through the Satisfaction of Psychological Needs

    Tristan C. Borman, Patrick D. Dunlop, Marylène Gagné, Matthew Neale

    The Shift Flextime Scale: a Measure of Flextime Availability, Use, and Consequences for Shift Workers

    Kimberly A. French, Mark D. Agars, Maryana L. Arvan

    The Weight of Debt: Relationships of Debt with Employee Experiences

    Kristen Jennings Black, Robert R. Sinclair, Baylor A. Graham, Gargi Sawhney, Alec Munc

    The Role of Time, Skill Emphasis, and Verifiability in Job Applicants' Self-Reported Skill and Experience

    Joseph A. Schmidt, Joshua S. Bourdage, Eden-Raye Lukacik, Patrick D. Dunlop

    Are All Allyship Attempts Helpful? An Investigation of Effective and Ineffective Allyship

    Lauren A. Collier-Spruel, Ann Marie Ryan

    Facing an Unexpected Negotiation Partner: the Impact of Hiring Manager Gender Role Violation on Job Candidates

    Sara Jansen Perry, Emily M. Hunter, Abigail R. Corrington, Michelle "Mikki" R. Hebl

    Communicating Adverse Impact Analyses Clearly: A Bayesian Approach

    Karyssa A. Courey, Frederick L. Oswald

    Stratification or Polarization: a Qualitative Study of the Formation of Status-Based Subgroups in China

    Yue Zhang, Qiaozhuan Liang, Wei Deng

    Are Multiple-Identity Holders More Creative? The Roles of Ambivalence and Mindfulness

    Yangxin Wang, Dora C. Lau, Youngsang Kim

    With submissions at an all time high and approaching 1400, we continue to expand our editor team over the past year.  Welcome to the following new editors:


    Daisy Chang

    Kevin Kelloway 

    James Grand

    Chris Rosen (welcome back)

    Ernest O'Boyle

    Winny Shen

    Peter Harms

    Chris Nye

    It is my utmost pleasure to announce the recipients of the 2022 JBP Reviewers of the Year Award.  They are:

    Amanda Sargent   Bentley University 

    Cort W. Rudolph,  Wayne State University.

    John W. Michel, Loyola University Maryland

    Dorothy Carter  , Michigan State University

    Nikki Blacksmith, American University and Blackhawke Behavior Science

    Johnathan Nelson, Morehead State University

    Nancy Thomas Tippins, Tippins Group, LLC


    Big congratulations to Jim Conway (Central Ct State University) and Joe Allen (Univ of Utah), for being the recipient of the 2023 JBP Stan Gully Award for Sustained Excellence in Reviewing. This is an award recognizing a JBP board member for 7 or more years of sustained excellence in reviewing.  This is an award named to honor a dear colleague that passed away, Stan Gully.  Stan, a former JBP award winner, epitomized this award with his fantastic reviews, which were delivered constructively and compassionately. 

    Editor Commendation

     These papers received an "Editor Commendation".  Congrats to the authors of the following 2023 recipients of an Editor Commendation: 


    Gardner, D. M., Ali, A. A., & Ryan, A. M. (2023). Reparative Impression Management for Ex-Offender Applicants: Understanding Mechanisms, Race/Ethnicity, and Disclosure Timing. Journal of Business and Psychology38(3), 561-587.


    Jiwen Song, L., Ni, D., Zhu, J., Zheng, X., & Zhu, L. (2024). Servant Leadership and Employee Gratitude: The Moderating Role of Employee Narcissism. Journal of Business and Psychology, 1-17.


    Lapalme, M. L., Rojas-Quiroga, F., Pertuzé, J. A., Espinoza, P., Rojas-Cordova, C., & Ananias, J. F. (2023). Emotion Regulation Can Build Resources: How Amplifying Positive Emotions Is Beneficial for Employees and Organizations. Journal of Business and Psychology38(3), 539-560.


    McChesney, J., & Foster, L. (2023). Is It# okaytosay I Have Anxiety and Depression? Evaluations of Job Applicants Who Disclose Mental Health Problems on LinkedIn. Journal of Business and Psychology, 1-17.


    Park, H. M., Carter, K. M., & Phillips, J. M. (2023). Resisting Delegation: the Influence of Incivility and Developmental Tasks on Commitment to the Supervisor and Delegation Resistance. Journal of Business and Psychology38(6), 1245-1266.


    Schilbach, M., Baethge, A., & Rigotti, T. (2023). How Past Work Stressors Influence Psychological Well-Being in the Face of Current Adversity: Affective Reactivity to Adversity as an Explanatory Mechanism. Journal of Business and Psychology, 1-18.


    Shon, D., Perry, E. L., Elmore, J., & Mendelsohn, D. B. (2023). Representation Matters: Review and Examination of Demographic Matching Effects on Organizational Outcomes. Journal of Business and Psychology, 1-27.


    Smith, C. E., Lee, S., & Allen, T. D. (2023). Hard Work Makes It Hard to Sleep: Work Characteristics Link to Multidimensional Sleep Health Phenotypes. Journal of Business and Psychology, 1-18.


    Tay, L., Batz-Barbarich, C., Yang, L. Q., & Wiese, C. W. (2023). Well-Being: The ultimate criterion for organizational sciences. Journal of Business and Psychology38(6), 1141-1157.


    Thompson, I., Koenig, N., Mracek, D. L., & Tonidandel, S. (2023). Deep Learning in Employee Selection: Evaluation of Algorithms to Automate the Scoring of Open-Ended Assessments. Journal of Business and Psychology38(3), 509-527.


    Wayne, J. H., Mills, M. J., Wang, Y. R., Matthews, R. A., & Whitman, M. V. (2023). Who's Remembering to Buy the Eggs? The Meaning, Measurement, and Implications of Invisible Family Load. Journal of Business and Psychology, 1-26.


    Zhang, D. C., Barratt, C. L., & Smith, R. W. (2023). The Bright, Dark, and Gray Sides of Risk Takers at Work: Criterion Validity of Risk Propensity for Contextual Work Performance. Journal of Business and Psychology, 1-20.


    Steven G. Rogelberg, PhD 
    Chancellor's Professor
    Past-President, Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology  
    Co-Editor, Journal of Business and Psychology

    Professor, Organizational Science, Psychology, and Management
    University of North Carolina, Charlotte | Colvard 4025 
    9201 University City Blvd. | Charlotte, NC 28223