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Invitation to In-Person Symposium: Mindsets in the Workplace

  • 1.  Invitation to In-Person Symposium: Mindsets in the Workplace

    Posted 07-31-2022 17:00
    In Person Only Symposium
    Putting Mindsets into Context: Extending the Study of Fixed-Growth Lay Theories to the Workplace (session 1797)
    15:00 - 16:30 Pacific (Seattle) Time, Monday, August 8

    Link to the session: click here


    Over the last two decades, organizations across a wide range of industries have increasingly started to discuss mindsets, or lay beliefs, about the fixedness or malleability of human attributes could shape employees' experiences, performance, and thus organizations. These organizations build their approaches from initial research showing that the growth (vs. fixed) mindset shapes how managers evaluate their employees, how employees respond to challenges and setbacks in their environments, and how much trust and belonging they feel in organizations. Despite these encouraging insights, however, mindsets research in the workplace settings is still in its nascent stages. The purpose of this symposium is to feature new research that examines whether, how, and which mindsets shape important outcomes in the workplace, in order to more rigorously build a scholarship of mindsets in organizations. We believe that researchers in organizational behavior must seize upon this moment of engagement to accelerate the development of a substantial body of rigorous research on mindsets in workplace contexts. Inspired by the Academy of Management 2022 theme, "Creating a Better World Together," these projects extend research and theory on how mindsets help individuals to overcome challenges in their careers and workplaces, as well as organizational leaders to foster a better workplace for the employees. By elucidating the processes with which mindsets shape previously understudied outcomes in the workplace, we hope to contribute to a fascinating new area of mindsets research that promotes human flourishing in organizations.

    Frugality Mindsets: Exploring Entrepreneurs' Beliefs about the Nature of Resourcefulness

    Jeffrey M. Pollack; NC State U.
    Tim Michaelis; Northern Illinois U.
    Joseph Billingsley; NC State U.
    Jeni Burnette; North Carolina State U.

    Mindsets and Employee Experience in the Workplace
    Eva Hsin-Lian Lin; London Business School
    Aneeta Rattan; London Business School

    Support for Increasing Low-Wage Workers' Compensation: The Role of Fixed-Growth Mindsets

    Shilpa Madan; Virginia Tech
    Ramadhar Singh; Amrut Mody School of Management,
    Aneeta Rattan; London Business School
    Krishna Savani; Department of Management and Marketing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic U.

    Why Do American Workplaces Still Lack Paid Family Leave? The Role of Gender Role Mindsets
    Ezgi Ozgumus; London Business School
    Aneeta Rattan; London Business School

    Discussant: Aneeta Rattan, London Business School

    Sponsor divisions: Entrepreneurship (ENT), Gender and Diversity in Organizations (GDO)

    Eva Hsin-Lian Lin; London Business School
    Ezgi Ozgumus; London Business School

    We hope you can join us for this in-person symposium in Seattle and look forward to your participation!

    Eva Hsin-Lian Lin | PhD Candidate in Organizational Behavior
    London Business School