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HR Potluck PDW...seeking volunteers

  • 1.  HR Potluck PDW...seeking volunteers

    Posted 12-01-2023 20:20

    Greetings Colleagues...I apologize in advance for cross-posting. I am working with Suzanne de Janasz and David Kaplan coordinating a showcase PDW for the HR Division called the HR Potluck, and we are inviting you to participate. The purpose of this ongoing potluck is to introduce and highlight experiential exercises in the field of teaching HR Management. Each presenter takes a few minutes to share their teaching exercises by demonstrating and leading participants through the exercise, and then engage in a question-and-answer session. The PDW leaves participants with tools they can bring back to the classroom to teach HR.

    The HR Division has scheduled our time slot on Friday at 1p, in a 140-minute format (10 minutes each intro and wrap-up, and 3 rounds of presentations at 40 minutes each). We welcome topics all across the HR spectrum, including but not limited to:  Staffing, Job Analysis, Compensation, HR Strategy, Diversity, Global HR, Performance Management, Labor Relations, Ethics/CSR, and Employment Law.

    We are soliciting volunteers who may be willing to share their teaching expertise with others.

    Right now, we don't need to know WHAT you are doing, only that you are COMMITTED TO participating. As well, if you know of anyone who might appreciate an invitation to participate, please feel free to forward this and have them let me know they are interested as well. We need a response from you no later than January 2nd, 2024 as we have to let the HR Division know our intentions and submit shortly thereafter. If you are unsure you will attend, we can add your name as it is easier to remove a name from the list than it is to add one at a later date. Please respond to: rberkle@siue.edu.

    Thank you and I hope you'll be interested in joining us! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me.


    Robyn Berkley


    Robyn Berkley
    Full Professor
    Southern Illinois U. - Edwardsville
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