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Group & Organization Management: Call for Special Issue Proposals

  • 1.  Group & Organization Management: Call for Special Issue Proposals

    Posted 05-23-2022 12:44
    Group & Organization Management
    Special Issues

    Group & Organization Management (IF = 3.938) is pleased to request proposals for future Special
    Issues (SI) of the journal. As part of its mission, Group & Organization Management is dedicated to
    publishing theoretically grounded research that addresses a wide range of issues within organizations.
    Hence, proposals on a wide array of topics ranging those focused on individual behavior, to group
    and team processes, to organizational strategy and functioning are welcome. Unlike most
    management journals, Group & Organization Management strives to move away from the boundaries
    of management subfields and encourages scholarship that challenges traditional distinctions among
    management scholars. The journal promotes the development of new paradigms and the explorations
    of paradigms from various disciplines. In addition, Group & Organization Management welcomes
    articles examining a wide range of topics in organizations from an international and cross-cultural

    SIs are intended to feature high-impact scholarly pieces based on extant developments in research
    literatures. Consistent with Group & Organization Management's mission, the SI Call for Papers
    should open to a broad range of articles, including data-based research articles, conceptual and
    empirical reviews, evaluation studies, action research reports, and critiques of research. Inter-
    disciplinary and/or multi-level insights on management and organizational processes are encouraged. Moreover, we specifically encourage SI proposals on the following topics: (i) how the increased usage of hybrid work may impact our understanding of traditional management principles such as leadership, communication, organizational change, etc., (ii) the importance of AI, robots, co-bots in the global context of management and work, (iii) the rise in platform workers and the affective, attitudinal and behavioral consequences of platform work, (iv) increased focus on minoritized and stigmatized workers, and (v) focus on the growing juxtaposition of sustainability, inclusion and diversity claims within organizations and a growing number of "working poor"

    To be considered as a potential SI, authors must first submit a proposal. The proposal should
    • A two to three-page Call-for-Papers (CFP) that describes (1) the focus and purpose of the SI;
    (2) possible research questions; (3) deadlines, submission, and review processes; and (4)
    contact information for the SI Editors.
    • A list of individuals the SI proposal authors intend to invite to serve as reviewers; with SIs it is
    the responsibility of the SI editors to assign reviewers to papers.
    • A plan for promoting the SI (e.g., distributing the CFP through relevant listservs, recruiting
    authors at professional conferences, using the Group & Organization Management's
    website to announce the SI).

    The deadline for the submission of SI Proposals is October 15, 2022. Proposals should be submitted as
    a single file to the Editor in Chief at Yannick.griep@ru.nl The Editor and Associate Editors will
    review all SI proposals submitted by the deadline and announce those selected for endorsement by
    November 15, 2022.

    Tom Zagenczyk, Ph.D.
    Outgoing Editor, Group & Organization Management
    Professor, Department of Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship
    Poole College of Management
    North Carolina State University

    Thomas Zagenczyk
    North Carolina State University