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Grand Challenges of Society

  • 1.  Grand Challenges of Society

    Posted 05-12-2023 09:53
    Hello colleagues,

    We are finishing editing a book for Elgar, it is an interdisciplinary research agenda for trust. I seek examples of universities that are doing a strong job of focusing & supporting faculty research on a stated goal of solving Grand Challenges of Society. My sense is that a number of universities say they want such work from their faculty, but do little to support it in the way of aligning reward & promotion systems with this lofty goal, fostering ties to researchers across campus, providing funding for interdisciplinary projects, etc. 
    > What, if anything, does your university do to encourage faculty (particularly untenured who are more at risk) to engage with people across campus in big projects focused on identified Grand Challenges?

    > Is there a system for evaluating faculty performance if their publications are landing in journals outside of our standard management journals (e.g., in medicine, engineering, or in less-established interdisciplinary outlets)? 

    > Are the outcomes they offer attractive enough to entice you to focus your research (or a significant portion of it) on the Grand Challenges they identified?

    > Finally, are you aware of any universities that you think are doing a strong job along these lines?
    Thanks so much in advance for anything you have to offer! Please email me at rcmayer@ncsu.edu, I will summarize what I learn on the list. I will not share anything from any response that casts a negative light on you or your school.

    Roger C. Mayer

    Roger Mayer
    North Carolina State University
    Raleigh NC