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Change of Due Date for JMP Special Issue

  • 1.  Change of Due Date for JMP Special Issue

    Posted 04-03-2024 19:13
    We are working on a special issue for JMP on "The Influence of Cultural Values of Minorities on Management Practices."  Part of the call for papers is noted below. 

    The publisher just set a new due date for manuscripts,  September 1, 2024. We are happy to review proposals.   

    Dianna Stone (diannastone2015@gmail.com) and 
    Brian Murray (bmurray@udallas.edu), Special Editors 

                       Special Issue of Journal of Managerial Psychology

    Influence of Cultural Values of Minorities on Managerial Practices Guest Editors: Dianna L. Stone and Brian Murray

    Deadline dates:

    Manuscripts for Review will be accepted February 1 to 1 Sept 2024