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Call for Participants: AOM PDW "Shaping the Research Agenda on the Future of Work" (Hybrid Interactive, August 5th 5:30-8:00pm Pacific time)

  • 1.  Call for Participants: AOM PDW "Shaping the Research Agenda on the Future of Work" (Hybrid Interactive, August 5th 5:30-8:00pm Pacific time)

    Posted 06-24-2022 15:17
    Shaping the Research Agenda on the Future of Work
    Session #10535: Hybrid Interactive on August 5th, 2022, 5:30-8:00pm Pacific Time
    Organizers: Lauren Howe (University of Zurich), Laura Giurge (London School of Economics), and Jochen Menges (University of Zurich)
    Registration deadline for themed sessions: July 25th, 2022



    This PDW (in its second year) brings together a distinguished panel of scholars and practitioners to stimulate an interactive and developmental conversation on driving forward research in management on the future of work. Our core focus will be on collectively shaping a promising agenda for research on the topic so that scholars can contribute rigorous and relevant research that adds to ongoing dialogues and offer theoretical and practical solutions to ongoing transformations in the world of work.


    One aim of the PDW is to spark ideas for the Future of Work Research Prize, sponsored by the University of Zurich's Center for Leadership in the Future of Work, which funds promising research on the topic of the future of work. Participants will have the opportunity to learn more about the research prize and receive feedback on ideas they may submit.



    Academic perspectives

    • Andrew Carton (University of Pennsylvania), Associate Editor, AMJ
    • Morela Hernandez (University of Michigan), Associate Editor, AMR
    • Kevin Rockmann (George Mason University), Editor in Chief, AMD
    • Gretchen Spreitzer (University of Michigan), Associate Editor, AMA

    Practitioner perspectives

    • James Elfer, Founder at MoreThanNow, behavioral science consultancy seeking to improve the workplace through experimentation
    • Kate Nowak, Product Incubation Team, and The New Future of Work Initiative Leadership Team at Microsoft



    1. Part 1: Panel Talk and Group Q&A: For the first part of the PDW, our panelists will present their views about the future of work, including how to publish research on the future of work and what type of research practitioners seen as most essential in helping companies tackle the future of work.
    2. Part 2: Themed Sessions with Facilitated Breakout Sessions: Participants who sign-up in advance will have the opportunity to exchange and develop their research ideas around promising management research on the future of work.


    How to Apply:

    • Part 1 (Panel) is open to all attendees and does not require any application in advance; to reserve a spot and submit questions to the panelists, sign up here: https://bit.ly/3bfSvmK
    • For Part 2 (Themed Sessions), to ensure high-quality interactions with the facilitators and other scholars, we are inviting interested participants to submit short 150-word statements outlining 1) a research question about the future of work, which may be based either on an ongoing project or a new idea, and 2) a (possible) study design related to this question, by completing the following form by July 25th, 2022: https://bit.ly/3bfSvmK


    If you have any questions about the PDW or the application process, please feel free to reach out to the organizers at lauren.howe@business.uzh.ch and at l.giurge@lse.ac.uk.

    Lauren Howe
    Assistant Professor
    University of Zurich