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Call for nominations

  • 1.  Call for nominations

    Posted 01-19-2023 02:37
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    Call for Nominations

    Dear Colleagues,


    Please take a moment to nominate a deserving member of our division for one of the following career awards!

    Please complete this form to nominate someone for one of these prestigious awards. Nominations are due by Monday, February 20, 2023 at 11:59pm ET and no late nominations will be accepted.


    Thank you,

    Raina Brands


    OB Division Executive Committee

    OB Division Awards Chair


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    Call for the 2022 OB Division Lifetime Achievement Award

    The OB Division Lifetime Achievement Award, established in 2005, recognizes senior scholars who have made exceptional contributions to our discipline throughout their careers. To be eligible for the award, an individual must have completed his or her PhD (or finished his or her training/education) at least twenty years ago. Second, the individual must be a truly outstanding scholar. He or she will have published in the very best journals, and conducted research that has had a significant impact on the field. Third, recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award have contributed not only through their scholarship, but through service to the field. For example, they may have served as editors of leading journals, held leadership positions with the Division or the Academy, and/or been exceptional teachers and mentors for doctoral students. Nominations are accepted from all OB Division members.


    Past award winners:

    • 2022 John Hollenbeck
    • 2021 Michael Frese
    • 2020 Sue Ashford
    • 2019 Max Bazerman
    • 2018 Teresa Amabile
    • 2017 Fred Luthans
    • 2016 Blake Ashforth
    • 2015 Jane Dutton
    • 2014 Victor Vroom
    • 2013 Benjamin Schneider
    • 2012 Richard Hackman
    • 2011 Charles A. O'Reilly III
    • 2010 Terence R. Mitchell
    • 2009 Denise Rousseau
    • 2008 Barry Staw
    • 2007 Gary Latham
    • 2006 Lyman W. Porter
    • 2005 Edwin Locke

    Call for the 2022 OB Division Cummings Early to Mid-Career Scholarly Achievement Award

    Sponsored by an OB Division endowment in the name of Larry Cummings, the Organizational Behavior Division recognizes the significant scholarly achievement during the early- to mid-career stage with the OB Division Cummings Early to Mid-Career Scholarly Achievement Award. This award, created in honor of the late Professor Larry Cummings, recognizes the scholarly achievement of an early- to mid-career scholar. The award winner will be announced at the division's annual meeting at the Academy of Management conference. To be eligible for this award, one must be a member of the OB division and must have received his or her PhD no more than 12 years ago. Nominations are accepted from all OB Division members.


    Nominations should include the following materials:

    • A letter indicating why the person is deserving of the award (e.g. important and novel research questions, publications in top-tier journals, high citation counts, etc.)
    • The nominee's curriculum vitae
    • Copies of 2 of the nominee's publications

    Past award winners:

    • 2022 Jessica Rodell (University of Georgia)
    • 2021 Allison Gabriel (University of Arizona)
    • 2020 Christopher Barnes (University of Washington)
    • 2019 Scott DeRue (University of Michigan)
    • 2018 Russell Johnson (Michigan State University)
    • 2017 Mo Wang ( University of Florida)
    • 2016 Dave Mayer (University of Michigan)
    • 2015 Brent Scott (Michigan State University)
    • 2014 Aparna Joshi (Pennsylvania State University)
    • 2013 Francesca Gino (Harvard University)
    • 2012 Hui Liao (University of Maryland)
    • 2011 Adam M. Grant (University of Pennsylvania)
    • 2010 Maria L. Kraimer (University of Iowa)
    • 2009 Remus Ilies (Michigan State University)
    • 2008 Gilad Chen (University of Maryland)
    • 2007 Don Moore (Carnegie Mellon University)
    • 2006 Jason Colquitt (University of Florida)
    • 2005 Jeffrey LePine (University of Florida)
    • 2004 Jean Phillips (Rutgers University)
    • 2003 Amy Edmondson (Harvard Business School)
    • 2002 Michele Gelfand (University of Maryland)
    • 2001 Timothy A. Judge (University of Florida)
    • 2000 Sandra L. Robinson (University of British Columbia)
    • 1999 Elizabeth Wolfe Morrison (New York University)
    • 1998 Jennifer Chatman (University of California, Berkeley)


    Call for the 2022 OB Division Mentorship Award

    The OB Division Mentorship Award recognizes a scholar who has excelled at mentoring others in achieving their career objectives through moral, social, and intellectual support. We define each of these criteria in more detail below:

    • Intellectual support: Helps the mentee develop ideas constructively (e.g., by brainstorming, offering a sounding board, suggesting a diverse perspective, providing written feedback) – investing one's (scarce) intellectual capital in the service of mentees.
    • Social support: Helps the mentee develop a professional network that will allow him/her to be successful (e.g., introducing them to others, writing reference letters, suggesting them as co-authors/reviewers/editors) – investing one's (scarce) social capital in the service of mentees.
    • Moral support: Genuinely cares about the well-being and development of the mentee (e.g., encouragement through difficult times, helps maintain self-efficacy, provides perspective or specific career/work strategies) – investing one's (scarce) mental energy in the service of mentees.

    Any member of the OB Division is eligible for this award. This award is not meant to recognize research productivity, advocacy activities in the field, or personal longevity in the field but rather to recognize a scholar who has an impactful effect on other scholars through their outstanding mentorship. To be eligible, the person needs three mentees who are willing to write a letter of nomination on behalf of their mentor. Based on the letters or recommendation received, a young and upcoming artist, being mentored by a more senior artist, will develop a personalized piece of art representing the award winner as a mentor. To nominate an individual for the 2023 Mentorship Award, a nomination packet must include:

    1. A letter of nomination that identifies the candidate, the individual(s) making the nomination, and a short motivation about why this person is being nominated (one page, single spaced);
    2. As supporting evidence, we ask the nominators to each write a supporting letter (one page, single spaced) about how this person has impacted their development, career and lives. These letters will be used as input for the artist crafting the award. We need a minimum of three, and a maximum of 10, letters per person. Nominations are accepted from all OB Division members.
    3. If you nominated a candidate in a prior year/years, you will need to resubmit the nomination materials this year.

    Past award winners:

    • 2022 Christina Gibson
    • 2021 Randall Peterson
    • 2020 Jane Dutton
    • 2019 Katherine Phillips
    • 2018 Maurice Schweitzer
    • 2017 John Mathieu
    • 2016 Sharon Parker
    • 2015 John Hollenbeck

    Call for the 2022 OB Division Award for Societal Impact

    Scholarly work with societal impact is both scientifically credible and useful to society; it produces societally beneficial knowledge that aims to make the world a better place. This work will often address, but is not limited to, the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals, for example: health and well-being, income and social inequality, and the preservation of the environment. In order to both recognize and incentivize such work in organizational behavior, the OB Division is inviting nominations for the OB Division Award for Societal Impact.


    This award recognizes a body of work, rather than a single conference submission or published article, given that scholarship addressing grand societal problems is often incredibly challenging, unfolding over many years of persistence. It may be published in traditional research outlets; however, it can also be evidenced in monographs, policy papers, books, curriculum, or interventions that may not receive recognition in other forums. Yet, through its application of organizational behavior scholarship, it has the potential to change the world.


    To be eligible for this award, the scholar's work must:

    1. Address problem(s) that relate to timely and important societal challenges in the business, economic, societal or environmental spheres that fall within the domain of organizational behavior,
    2. Provide actionable knowledge or insights for potential policies or practices to improve the well-being of people (employees, customers, suppliers) beyond business and economic success,
    3. Demonstrate strong credibility, and
    4. Be useful for policy or practice within the domain of organizational behavior (i.e., relevance for managers, employees, business, or society).

    An Award Committee comprised of organizational behavior scholars and practitioners will assess the nominations using these criteria and recommend a winner to be announced at the 2023 OB Division Award Ceremony at the Academy of Management Annual Conference.


    Past award winners:

    • 2022 Carrie Leana
    • 2021 Michele Gelfand
    • 2020 Laura Morgan Roberts

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    Wladislaw Rivkin
    Associate Professor and Communications Officer of the OB Division
    Trinity Business School