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Burnout and Work-Life Enrichment Conversation Series

  • 1.  Burnout and Work-Life Enrichment Conversation Series

    Posted 11-10-2023 19:06

    This is a kind reminder of an upcoming event sponsored by the OB division

    Burnout and Work-Life Enrichment Conversation Series

    Friday, November 17, 11am-noon (EST)

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    Learning to manage and find meaning in work and life outside of work continues to be one of the biggest struggles for academics, especially as we are often dealing with internal tensions that lead us to believe that our work and personal identities are incompatible with one another. In this one-hour conversation series, we invite you to hear from leading scholars in the field about their personal journeys in finding work-life enrichment and ways to make academic careers even more fulfilling.


    Join us for a conversation series where we explore meaning and work-life enrichment. The second of this three-part conversation series will feature Dr. Sue Ashford and Dr. Jane Dutton as they discuss how they have crafted a career rich in personal meaning – both in terms of their scholarly contributions to the field as well as the manner in which they have navigated through work and non-work life in a purposeful and fulfilling way.


    Questions? Contact Nitya Chawla at nchawla@umn.edu

    Wladislaw Rivkin
    Associate Professor and Communications Officer of the OB Division
    Trinity Business School