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AOM Submission Incubator for Early-Stage Researchers Hosted by the Global Committee of the OB Division

  • 1.  AOM Submission Incubator for Early-Stage Researchers Hosted by the Global Committee of the OB Division

    Posted 10-13-2023 06:25
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    AOM Submission Incubator for Early-Stage Researchers Hosted by the Global Committee of the OB Division

    Date and Time: November 28 at 12:30-14:30 CET (UTC +1) online

    Are you ready for the annual Academy of Management conference? Peer reviews and constructive feedback from colleagues are key to advancing our academic work, especially in the early stages of our careers. For non-native English scholars, peer reviews can also help in avoiding common pitfalls related to writing in a second language.


    In this developmental Incubator, the Global Committee of the Organizational Behavior Division will offer friendly reviews and support to help you develop your paper or symposium for a successful submission to the AoM conference in Chicago in 2024 (link: https://aom.org/events/annual-meeting/future-annual-meetings/2024-innovating-for-the-future-policy-purpose-and-organizations). Additionally, this is a prime opportunity to expand your global networks!


    The Incubator is tailored mainly for doctoral students, post-docs, and early-stage researchers outside North America who are non-native English speakers. We've chosen a time to accommodate as many global time zones as possible. We will accept up to 25 paper and/or symposium proposals for this Incubator. The proposals will be discussed in small breakout rooms of 3-5 participants, with one or more facilitators from the Global Committee of the OB Division.


    Interested? Here's How to Proceed:


    1. Submit your draft paper (or symposium) on any OB topic, "as is" by Sunday, November 12, 12 noon (CET). Submission portal: https://forms.gle/HkSyKHuGBq2ecYuPA

    2. Clearly state specific questions or issues you would like feedback on (e.g., methodology, use of English, writing style, structure & content).

    3. Add a brief bio (up to 100 words) with your submission, including name, contact information, affiliation, current role or position, and research interests.

    4. That's it! 


    What else should I know?


    • Preference will be given to junior scholars. 

    • Ideally, paper and symposium proposals should be in advanced stages but not yet complete (e.g., minimum 20 pages, drafts of each section completed; empirical papers should have initial data analyses done).

    • Submissions should conform to the AOM submission style (Submitting to the Annual Meeting, link: https://aom.org/events/annual-meeting/submitting/submission-guidelines ).

    • Membership in AOM or the OB Division is not required for this Incubator.

    • Notification of acceptance and further procedures for the Incubator will be communicated soon after submissions close. 

    • Breakout rooms will be organized to group thematically and methodologically similar submissions, facilitating fruitful discussions.


    Participating? Here's How to Prepare:


    1. Formal presentations are not required, but introduce your work briefly to initiate the conversation.

    2. In breakout rooms, every participant, including facilitators, should read all submissions and be ready to share constructive feedback. You will receive insights from 3-4 people and provide your feedback on two others.

    3. We encourage sharing key feedback in writing, e.g., bullet points in a chat or an email. Topics can include theoretical development, methodology, structure, language, and writing style.


    Incubator Program:


    12:30: Welcome from the organizers. 

    12:35: AOM submission procedure and tips.

    13:00: Meet Gilad Chen, current Program Chair of the OB Division.

    13:05: Breakout rooms for peer review and discussion of 3-5 submissions.

    14:30: Conclusion.


    Organizers and Further Information:


    The Incubator is organized by members of the Global Committee of the OB Division:

    • Chad Chiu, Associate Professor, Adelaide Business School

    • Hongxia Peng, Associate Professor, Rouen Normandy University

    • Jelena Zikic, Associate Professor, York University

    • Kyle Ehrhardt, Associate Professor, University of Colorado Denver

    • Minna Paunova, Associate Professor, Copenhagen Business School

    • Niki Panteli, Professor, Lancaster University

    • Ulrich Leicht-Deobald, Associate Professor, Trinity Business School


    For queries related to this Incubator or the activities of the Global Committee, please contact our Chair, Minna Paunova, at mp.msc@cbs.dk 

    Shared on behalf of the Global Team Lead

    Wladislaw Rivkin
    Associate Professor and Communications Officer of the OB Division
    Trinity Business School