2019-20 Topic Inclusion

The OB Division will continue the Spotlight, an initiative to focus attention on a pertinent issue that is relevant to organizational research and practice. For the 2019 meeting, our Spotlight is on Pathways for Inclusion, which will encompass scholarly OB research on the many facets of diversity and inclusion, including challenges, concepts, processes, policies and practices involving managers, employees, and organizations. We encourage submissions that relate to these and other inclusive processes, and we welcome a very broad approach to the topic, which might address for example, inclusion of individuals who are diverse in terms of race, gender, age, culture, religion or other important affiliations and features. We invite submitters to propose sessions that are engaging, provocative, and meaningful. If you have any questions or ideas, contact the Organizational Behavior Division Chair Cristina Gibson (Cristina.Gibson@pepperdine.edu).