JOB - ARCDI Call for Submissions

Starts:  Nov 1, 2020 09:00 (ET)
Ends:  Jan 15, 2021 23:59 (ET)
Associated with  Organizational Behavior (OB)

Journal of Organizational Behavior

Annual Review and Conceptual Development Issue (ARCDI)

 Submission Window: November 1st  2020 - January 15th 2021

 Submissions to the JOB Annual Review and Conceptual Development Issue are now invited for consideration. We welcome targeted reviews of the scientific literature which make a contribution to our understanding of the topic of interest, and highlight significant gaps that require future development of new theory, research methods, and empirical work. We invite both quantitative (e.g. meta-analysis, citation analysis) and qualitative reviews of the literature.


In addition to descriptive review articles, we also invite integrative reviews and conceptual development papers for consideration. Integrative reviews go beyond descriptive reviews by bridging scholarly work across different theories, domains, and disciplines, in order to make new theoretical contributions. Conceptual development papers propose new theoretical relationships between focal constructs; these papers will offer propositions and are likely to display the proposed linkages in a figure. The goal of these integrative reviews and conceptual development papers is to broaden our thinking and to inspire future empirical investigations.



 The JOB Annual Review Issue has been published since 2013, after existing as the highly successful book series “International Review of Industrial and Organizational Psychology” for over 20 years. Articles published in the Annual Review issue are meant to summarize the current state of knowledge pertaining to the focal topic, bring an evaluative and judgmental eye to bear on the body of work surveyed as a whole, and provide clear directions for future scientific endeavors. In late 2019, we broadened our scope to include integrative reviews and conceptual development papers. This change is reflected in the new title, Journal of Organizational Behavior - Annual Review and Conceptual Development Issue (ARCDI).


Please note: Unlike some other review outlets, the JOB ARCDI uses double-blind peer review for both the initial proposals and the full-length manuscripts.


Submissions Procedure

 Initial Submissions

  1.  Authors may submit either a proposal or a completed manuscript.
  2.  Authors who have already developed a full-length manuscript are welcome to submit the full manuscript. Manuscripts should be formatted according to the JOB submission guidelines and submitted electronically via JOB’s online submission system at: between November 1st 2020 and January 15th 2021.
  • In the cover letter, please indicate that you are submitting a full paper and not a proposal for the ARCDI. 
  1. Initial proposals should be submitted electronically via JOB’s online submission system at:, during our submission window of 1st November 2020 through January 15th 2021. The proposal document must contain: 
  • A cover page, incorporating the article title, author names and affiliations, and contact information
  • A 10 page summary of the proposed article, which clearly states the intended contribution of the article to the field  
  • A list of key references that will form the basis of the article (references can be single spaced). 

The pages following the cover page should begin by repeating the title of the proposed article. The entire proposal (excluding the cover page, tables and figures, and references) should not exceed 10 double spaced pages, in 12 point Times New Roman font, with 1 inch margins. 

  1. Potentially suitable proposals will be handled by the JOB Annual Review and Conceptual Development Issue editor and reviewed by at least two anonymous reviewers, who are blind to the identity of the author(s).

Revised Manuscripts

 Following a favorable editorial decision based on a previously submitted proposal, full length manuscripts are invited for further consideration. As with all regular submissions to JOB, these full-length manuscripts are also subject to double blind peer review.

 To be considered for publication, the full manuscript must be prepared according to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Manuscripts invited for revision must not exceed 50 double spaced pages (12,500 words), including the abstract, references, tables, and/or figures.

 All manuscripts will be evaluated primarily on the basis of adequate coverage of the research domain, originality in summarizing our understanding of what we know and what we do not know, and potential for advancing our understanding of human behavior in organizations. Other important considerations include the length-contribution ratio and the quality of written expression.
All submissions must be original material not under consideration by any other journal or outlet. Authors are responsible for obtaining written permission to reproduce copyright material from other sources.

Please direct any questions about the submission process to the JOB Annual Review and Conceptual Development Issue Editor:


Marie Dasborough

University of Miami

Miami Herbert Business School

Coral Gables, FL 33146


For any other administrative issues, please contact the JOB Editorial Office: