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Faculty Position in HR/OB at National Tsing Hua University

  • 1.  Faculty Position in HR/OB at National Tsing Hua University

    Posted 01-19-2022 10:45
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    National Tsing Hua University 

    Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling

    Open Call for Faculty Positions 

    I. Title: Assistant professor or above

    II. Quota: 1

    III. Qualifications

    1.   Holding a Ph.D. degree or having served as an assistant professor or above positions. 

    2.   Holding a Ph.D. degree conferred by domestic or foreign universities with a major in business psychology, human resources, consumer psychology (user's experience or big data is preferred), or organizational management. Applicants with cross-discipline abilities are preferred. 

    3.   Applicants who can teach in English are preferred. 

    IV. Documents required

    1.   Resume 

    2.   A photocopy of the Ph.D. degree diploma. (Taiwanese applicants holding foreign degrees must have their diplomas verified by one of the Taiwanese embassies or representative offices abroad.) 

    3.   List up to 10 published academic papers. The full contents of each paper must be attached. 

    4.   A list of publications needs to be categorized into four categories: published papers, accepted and upcoming papers (with the acceptance letter attached), papers in revision, and papers under progress. All papers must comply with the latest APA format and identify the relevant information, such as the database the papers belong to (e.g., SSCI/SCI or TSSCI), the academic field the papers belong to (e.g., JCR Web: Education and Educational Research), the ranking, and the impact factor. 

    5.   A list of research projects, which the applicant has served as the principal investigator or the co-investigator (specify the principal investigator if latter). For the research projects serving as the principal investigator, the applicant must supply the abstract of the project results (with no more than 1,000 Chinese characters or 500 English words) and a list of the main research results. For projects serving as a co-investigator, the applicant must identify his/her major contributions to the research project. 

    6.   List domestic or foreign awards or honors that the applicant has received, with brief descriptions of the awards or honors (in no more than 300 Chinese characters or 200 English words.) 

    7.   List the courses that the applicant has taught or can teach at the undergraduate level or above, as well as the course description (including a brief description of the course, syllabus, and references.) 

    8.   For courses the applicant can teach in English, please attach a description of the course content (including a brief description of the course, syllabus, and references.) 

    9.   Up to three (at least one) recommendation letters are required. 

    10.          Other supporting documents. 


    V. Additional notes and contact information 

    1.   If applicants are interested in the above-mentioned faculty position, please prepare the required documents and mail them to the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling, National Tsing Hua University via post prior to February 28, 2022 (as the postmark date indicated on the envelope). On the envelope, please indicate "Application for a teaching position." 

    2.   Email the complete files in an electronic format to the case officer's email address (st.chang @mx.nthu.edu.tw). The list of publications should be sent in a single file. The remaining documents should be merged into a PDF file. 

    3.    Competitive applicants will be selected for interviews. (Relevant details will be announced.) 

    4.   Applicants' materials will not be returned. If applicants would like them to be returned, please attach a postage-paid return envelope. We will return the applicants' application materials once the recruitment process is completed.) 


     Applicants holding a foreign degree should comply with the Document Legalization Act for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Overseas Missions and complete the verification process on their own.