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  • 1.  Research on groups using Zoom?

    Posted 03-24-2020 08:40
    One of our PhD students was slated to begin his dissertation data collection effort this Spring. I'm writing to see if anyone has done research on groups using Zoom (or equivalent web-based meeting software). If so, could you suggest any best practices or share any resources that you have found helpful? For example:

    1. What technological requirements do you specify in your call for participants online? 
    2. Is there anything to be wary of with using Mturk or Prolific participants with Zoom?
    3. Do you have useful IRB language for consent, audio/video recording, etc.? 
    4. Have you used breakout groups successfully for data collection?
    Would be grateful for any tips and tricks that you can offer. 


    Andrew Knight
    Washington University in St. Louis

  • 2.  RE: Research on groups using Zoom?

    Posted 03-25-2020 08:23
    Edited by Matt Cummins 03-25-2020 08:23
    Hi there,

    I had some IRB dealings at one stage regarding audio/video. Potentially useful as a starting point: http://stanford.edu/dept/DoR/compliance/hs/new/resources/researchers/nonmed-eprotocol.html

    All best,


    Matt Cummins
    Stanford GSB
    Stanford CA

  • 3.  RE: Research on groups using Zoom?

    Posted 04-02-2020 10:21
    Edited by Wenxin Xie 04-02-2020 10:22
    I am also working on group research and totally have the same concerns and difficulties to collect group data in the current situation. Given my experience with group research using Mturk. I would suggest using the participant pool, such as your school's SONA system,might be more efficient. 

    In the study that I have done, I hired a programmer to design a chatting feature and design the group exercises in qualtrics. I have recorded their chatting text. And I recruited Mturkers to participate in the group research. But the difficulties are:1) the Mturkers normally do not show up at the same time, many of them waited for more than 10 mins and still fail to have teammates; 2) We tried to ask them to register the study happen at a certain time, but a few of them showed up on time. I would like to hear any suggestions on that.

    Wenxin Xie
    University College London