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June JBP Table of Contents and New Associate Editor

  • 1.  June JBP Table of Contents and New Associate Editor

    Posted 14 days ago

    Dear Colleagues

    Below is our June Journal of Business and Psychology Table of Contents.  Also, super excited to announce that Lilia Cortina is joining us as our newest Associate Editor. 

    Estimated 2019 2-year impact factor: 3.71

    Estimated 2019 5-year impact factor: 4.78




    Extending Situational Strength Theory to Account for Situation-Outcome Mismatch

    R.S. Dalal · B. Alaybek · Z. Sheng · S.J. Holland ·A.J. Tomassetti


    The Joint Importance of Secure and Satisfying Work: Insights from Three Studies

    M.K. Shoss · B.J. Brummel · T.M. Probst · L. Jiang


    The Power of Doing: How Job Crafting Transmits the Beneficial Impact of Autonomy Among

    Overqualified Employees

    M.E. Debus · C. Gross · M. Kleinmann


    The malevolent side of organizational identification: unraveling the impact of psychological entitlement and manipulative personality on unethical work behaviors

    S. Naseer · D. Bouckenooghe · F. Syed · A.K. Khan ·S. Qazi


    "Oops, I Did It" or "It Wasn't Me:" An Examination of Psychological Contract Breach Repair Tactics

    K.E. Henderson · E.T. Welsh · A.M. O'Leary-Kelly


    Feeling, Expressing, and Managing Emotions in Work-Family Conflict

    S.L. Speights · J.E. Bochantin · R.L. Cowan


    Social Comparisons, Self-Conceptions, and Attributions: Assessing the Self-Related Contingencies in Leader-Member Exchange Relationships

    É. Lapointe · C. Vandenberghe · A.K. Ben Ayed · G. Schwarz · M. Tremblay · D. Chenevert


    FSSBs and Elderly Care: Exploring the Role of Organizational Context on Employees' Overall Health and Work–Family Balance Satisfaction

    Y. Rofcanin · M. Las Heras · P.I. Escribano · T. Stanko



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