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Job Opportunity: Hoffmann Fellow - Circular Economy Adoption and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

  • 1.  Job Opportunity: Hoffmann Fellow - Circular Economy Adoption and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

    Posted 02-24-2021 07:47

    The position:

    The World Economic Forum and INSEAD seek a Hoffmann Fellow for a two-year joint appointment for work at the intersection of society, science and technology. The Hoffmann Fellow will be jointly appointed between the World Economic Forum, the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation committed to improving the state of the world, and INSEAD (Europe campus, France), an organization dedicated to researching and developing international leaders that see business as a source for good. The Hoffmann Fellow will work with Professor Spencer Harrison, Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD and Helen Burdett who is leading the Circular Economy Innovation work within the Platform for Global Public Goods at the World Economic Forum to explore the intersection of Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technology and circular economy innovations that use waste in new ways.

    The Hoffmann Fellow will collaborate with Forum partners and INSEAD faculty to investigate how new technology and the adoption of "Dirty Innovations" (new solutions that use waste in new ways) can facilitate the transition to a more circular economy. The shift from a linear economy (buying a product and then disposing of it as waste); to a circular economy (buying a product and then reusing the materials from the product in a new form) requires that we make new products out of old products. In addition to reducing consumption and redesigning products away from an end-of-life mentality, the ability to create new products from materials that were once cast off is a fundamental tenant of a circular economy. This may mean wearing clothes created out of cow manure, drinking water that was once sewage, eating insect-based food, building homes made out of left-over concrete tubes, using fungus as packaging, and driving cars that run on poop. But, a circular economy doesn't work if people will not use these products because of the previous uses of their materials.

    Apply Here: https://lnkd.in/dqXwe4e

    André Hoffmann Fellowship
    This Fellowship program is unique in that it offers an opportunity for a mix of research and applied policy work leveraging the World Economic Forum's global network and INSEAD's history of rigorous leadership and international expertise. Over the course of the two-year term, the Hoffmann Fellow will help build and drive intensive collaborations among Forum and INSEAD partners. This will include leaders from the private sector, governments, international organizations, and civil society, and integration with research activities at INSEAD. The Forum and INSEAD are committed to providing each Hoffmann Fellow with appropriate training and mentorship, including participation in select Forum events, and access to workshops, trainings and the wider community of Fellows.