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AOM Qualitative Coding PDW

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    Posted 06-09-2021 23:27

    What Were You Thinking?: Developing Cognitive Sensibilities for Inductive Coding PDW
    Friday, Jul 30 2021 1:00PM - 4:00PM ET (UTC-4)

    Sponsoring Divisions: RM, MOC, OB, OMT
    Virtual session type: Synchronous Live Open
    Program Session: 148 | Submission: 11870

    Are you interested in coding qualitative data, but are unsure how to begin? Have you ever wondered what experienced qualitative scholars think about when they sit down to code a piece of text? If so, please consider joining us for a PDW designed to impart the cognitive skills necessary to inductively code qualitative data. This PDW is open to anyone interested in developing the practice of inductive coding, regardless of previous qualitative research experience.

    "What Were You Thinking?: Developing Cognitive Sensibilities for Inductive Coding" is a workshop aimed at providing the cognitive sensibilities to inductively code qualitative data. It aims to go beyond a mere "how-to" guide, by sharing tacit knowledge about how experienced qualitative scholars think when they code data, and how this changes throughout the process. This session will include presentations by established qualitative scholars with a range of research interests, as well as an expert-led roundtable component (facilitated in zoom breakout rooms) in which participants can ask more specific questions and discuss their coding experiences. To facilitate the roundtable discussions, participants will be asked to complete a brief pre-workshop coding exercise provided by one of the facilitating scholars, and then, together in the breakout room, participants will discuss their specific experiences coding, hear from the scholar about their own orientation to the data, and receive feedback on how to improve their coding skills in future work.

    We are thrilled to have an accomplished and diverse mix of qualitative scholars participating in the PDW this year. These facilitators include Arne Carlsen, Martha Feldman, Claus Rerup, Matthias Wenzel, Kristina Workman, and Heather Vough.

    To Apply: 
    The first half of the PDW is a panel discussion open to anyone to attend. The second part of the PDW is an experiential learning session which requires participants to complete a brief coding exercise ahead of time.

    To reserve your place in a breakout room with a qualitative scholar, please complete the following steps:
    1. Fill out this brief application with your research interests and facilitator preferences at https://tinyurl.com/WWYT2021 by 11:59pm on Friday, June 25th.
    2. Complete and submit a brief coding exercise (facilitator assignments and pre-work instructions will be sent to you by early July) by 11:59pm on Wednesday, July 14.

    *Please note that the second half of this workshop is limited to 36 participants. Acceptance notices will be sent on a rolling basis. We will do our best to match participants to roundtables based on their expressed preferences and research interests. We look forward to receiving your application!

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    Jessi Hinz
    Doctoral Candidate, Organizational Behavior
    Weatherhead School of Management
    Case Western Reserve University